WordPress Registration Shortcodes List

Mastering RegistrationMagic shortcodes is essential to fully utilizing your WordPress registration plugin. RegistrationMagic offers many WordPress registration shortcodes which allow publishing content on the front-end and inserting variables in your emails to make them more dynamic and professional. These shortcodes include WordPress register shortcode, Login Form, User Directory Form Specific, and more. We introduce new shortcodes with each major release and will keep updating the list.

If you are also building user profiles, memberships, and groups for registered users, do check out comprehensive shortcode list for RegistrationMagic’s companion plugin ProfileGrid.

WordPress Registration Shortcodes List:

Title Shortcode Type Purpose
Login Form [RM_Login] Shortcode Front-end login form
Register Forms / WordPress register shortcode / WordPress from registration shortcode/ WordPress registration form shortcode [RM_Form id=‘x'] Shortcode Publishes a form with ID x
User Directory Form Specific [RM_Users form_id=‘x'] Shortcode User directory of users who submitted form x
User Directory (All Users) [RM_Users] Shortcode Global WordPress registered users’ directory
User Directory Form Specific with Time Range [RM_Users form_id=‘x' timerange='year'] Shortcode User directory of users who submitted form x during this period
User Directory All Users with Time Range [RM_Users timerange='year'] Shortcode Global user directory of users who submitted any form during this period
Front-end User Area [RM_Front_Submissions] Shortcode Front-end multi functional user area
Form Field Value {{Username_’x’}} Email Variable Inserts value of a field having ID ‘x’ filled by user in Autoresponder, Automation and Bulk email body
Site Name {{SITE_NAME}} Email Variable Inserts name of the site in New User, User Activation Email, Activate User to Admin email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Username {{USER_NAME}} Email Variable Inserts Username of the user in New User and Activate User Email To Admin email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User’s Email {{USER_EMAIL}} Email Variable Inserts Email of the user in the Activate User Email To Admin email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User Password {{USER_PASS}} Email Variable Inserts Password of the user in the New User email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Email Verification Link {{EMAIL_VERFICATION_LINK}} Email Variable Inserts email verification link in the User Verification email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Email Verification Code {{EMAIL_VERIFICATION_CODE}} Email Variable Inserts email verification unique code in the User Verification email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Email Verification Code Lifetime {{EMAIL_VERIFICATION_EXPIRY}} Email Variable Inserts validity time for verification link/ code in User Verification email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Site URL {{SITE_URL}} Email Variable Inserts website URL in the email body
Direct User Activation Link {{ACTIVATION_LINK}} Email Variable Inserts link to activate users for admin in the Activate User Email to Admin email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
Form Submission Data {{SUBMISSION_DATA}} Email Variable Inserts all the form data (labels and values) in the New Submission email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User Submission History {{SUBMISSION_HISTORY}} Email Variable Embeds form submission history of the user in the New Submission email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User Account Data {{RM_USERDATA}} Email Variable Embeds user information of the user in the New Submission email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User EDD Data {{RM_EDD_DETAILS}} Email Variable Embeds Easy Digital Downloads user details in the New Submission email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates
User WooCommerce Data {{RM_WOO_DETAILS}} Email Variable Embeds WooCommerce order history of the user in the New Submission email body in Form Dashboard > Email Templates

Above WordPress registration form shortcodes list is updated till release

Version releases are shared with our users on Facebook page. Stay connected with us on Facebook. For more information regarding RegistrationMagic plugin or shortcodes like WordPress register shortcode, we suggest that you browse our guides and breakthrough ideas.


  1. Genevieve smith

    Does the pluggin restrict web content and posts for non logged in users.

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      The content cannot be restricted but forms can be restricted on the basis of user role and non logged in user will not be able to access the form.

    2. rmagic

      The content can be restricted through RegistrationMagic integration with ProfileGrid plugin – which is available for free.

  2. Chas

    Can theshortcode number be changed on the forms, i.e. changing [RM_Form id='6'] back to [RM_Form id='3']?

    1. rmagic

      Hello Chas,

      There’s no existing option to set the form ID to a different number. But if you are in a situation where you absolutely need to change it, you can write to our technical support and they will be able to help you out.

  3. Mauro Pontara

    Hi how to configure automatic activation user after confirm link send to email insert into registration?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The account activation methods available in RegistrationMagic are: activate user automatically, deactivate user for manual approval and send verification email. Go to RegistrationMagic > global settings > user accounts and select the action to be performed when the user registers for the first time. The content of the account verification email can be set in RegistrationMagic > dashboard of the form > email templates.

  4. Arthur

    Is it possible to have just the profile name and email on the User area? or can i change the Payment and registration tabs in the front area to read what I want?
    I am trying to build a custom dahsboard so i need to know if i can customize the fields that are displayed on the front end user area

    1. RegistrationMagic

      To change the payment or registration tab names, you may use a third party plugin named LocoTranslate. Field customization is possible but its restricted. For instance profile image can be hidden.

  5. agenceMorgane


    I want to display on a directory my site’s users with the shortcode [RM_Users] or [RM_Users form_id=‘x’], and is not working.

    What more must be done?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The shortcode for user directory can be fetched from RegistrationMagic > dashboard > user directory > copy the shortcode and use it on a WordPress page.

  6. Lara Marsh

    Is there a way to edit what is shown under each picture in the user directory? (i.e. using shortcode [RM_Users form_id='x']

    If it requires custom coding, can you point me to the affected files? Thanks.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can edit what is shown below each picture in the user directory under “public/views/template_rm_user_list.php” file.

  7. Lara Marsh

    Is there a way to link the user directory images or information displayed under each to the individual profile page of that user so that a visitor can get more information about that user?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      This is not possible as of now. But we have made note of your requirement and will consider it for one of our future releases.

  8. Debbie

    I would like to display ONLY submissions in the user account area. Is this possible? I am not taking payments so I do not want that tab. And I do not want them to be able to reset their password, so I do not want that tab. Thanks

    1. Metagauss Support

      We can hide this Payment tab, Reset password tab using custom CSS.
      Kindly add the following CSS in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS option

      .rmtab-payment-details, .rmtab-reset-pass {
      display: none!important;

  9. Eduardo

    Hello, I would like to add fields to the Publish Users Directory of shortcode [RM_Users form_id=‘x’], so it displays not only the first and last name and email, but also other form inputs? And also, can de display be modified to a more tabular or table-view mode? I have the premium plugin. Thanks.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      As of now the requested feature is not available in RegistrationMagic. We have made a note of your requirement for review and analysis.

  10. Eduardo

    Hello. I would like to display/publish the registered users “without WordPress account” in a way which allows me to show only certain filled-in fields from the form [RM_Form id='1'] for example (non-confidential). So far I think it can only be done through ProfileGrid, but only with registered users WITH WP account. I have premium pack.

    Summarising, does anyone now how to display only certain fields on [RM_Form id='1'] and maybe even filter to publish only users who have responded an specific response (e.g. in Field “type of worker”, only show who have responded in radio-button option “Volunteers”.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Unfortunately, it’s not possible to achieve this using RegistrationMagic. We have made a note of your requirement for review and analysis.

  11. tariq

    how to show registration data from registration magic in my account page woocomerace

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please follow these steps:

      1. Activate RegistrationMagic
      2. Create Form F in All Forms Page of RegistrationMagic
      3. Click Fields Link showing in Form F Card
      4. Now click Add Field link and create the fields of your choice
      5. Go to Global settings > Woocommerce integration settings
      6. Select Form F as default registration form
      7. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts -> Enable Registration. Also make sure to check the box beside enable customer registration on “My account: page“.
      8. Now Open Woocommerce My Account Page in logout state. Form F Fields will show along with Username and Password field of Woocoommerce registration form.
      For more details,please visit this link-

  12. Maria

    what can i do if [RM_Front_Submissions] is not working? it only displays the normal profile, i cant view my profile’s submissions history

    1. RegistrationMagic

      This issue is not reproducing on our end. Please raise a support ticket here: as we need more details in order to provide you a speedy resolution.

  13. Jean-Luc

    Hello, how can I get the current user informations (ID, name, login, mail, role…) to use it in a php variable ?
    Thank You !

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You can use default WordPress functions to get User and Usermeta object.

  14. Allen

    In this example what replace “x”? Assuming we remove ” “.
    When inserting this shortcode and then previewing the page it says “Require Useremail field ”
    What do we do with that?
    [profilegrid_register type=”paged” gid=”x”]

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Since this is group registration shortcode for multi-page step form, “x” needs to be replaced by group id.

  15. weiss

    HI there,

    Is s2member plugin and registrationmagic are compatible? I want to use s2member to hide some content from non-paid users?


    1. RegistrationMagic

      While s2member plugin integration with RegistrationMagic has not been officially tested for us, there should be no conflict. In case you do face any problem, feel free to raise a ticket with us.

  16. Amina Abdallah

    J’aimerai modifier les onglet contenue dans le tableau de bord après que mes internautes auront finit de s’inscrire sur mon site
    Je procède comment ?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Kindly elaborate your requirement in detail and let us know what tab you wish to modify, in order to allow us understand and assist you.

  17. svn prasad

    I created a registration form but under email field it is showing my email id by default and i am unable to edit it. how to remove it?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You must be accessing the form in logged-in state, so its showing your email ID by default. In logged out state, the user shall be allowed to enter an email id while registering.

  18. Bernard Sibanda

    The registrationmagic button is at the bottom right. How do I change that position to top right because I am using the bottom right for chat icon. Thank you for your help.

    1. RegistrationMagic

      There is no option to drag it on the top. However, you may shift the button to left or right side by going to RegistrationMagic-> fields section of the form-> you will find three options here: Left-Center-Right. Mark according to your choice.

  19. Emmanuel

    Also forgot to ask, it looks like the highest supported PHP version for the plugin is 7.1
    Do you plan to support up to at least 7.4, preferably 8.x, and when?


    1. RegistrationMagic

      RegistrationMagic does support PHP 7.4 version.

  20. Paris

    Hey there,

    I would like to use the user profile image avatar or photo (depends on the user what they have chosen) on the header. However, there is no shortcode for that. I use the login widget but it also displays the username which I dont want. So is there any way to showprofile image (for logged in users) on the header?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You may fulfill this requirement with the help of our another plugin ProfileGrid. The profile picture will be fetched from Gravatar.
      Go to Profile Grid > global settings > general settings > enable Gravatar.

  21. MathewH

    Is there any way to restrict some of the tabs that appear when using the [RM_Front_Submissions] shortcode? For example, hiding the ‘Payment History’ and ‘Registrations’ tabs?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Please raise a ticket at our support portal here: in order to allow us assist you.

  22. Dominic

    Hello, is it possible to display the submission counter on a page. Possibly via shortcode? And is it perhaps also possible to display the entire analysis data?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Dominic,

      The submission counter can only be displayed on a form. Not on a separate page. Analytics can’t be displayed on the front end either. If we change this in the future, we will send out a notification.

  23. Shirish

    I want to display all form data in table form. Is it possible?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Hi Shirish,

      All form data cannot be displayed on the front end. All form data in table format is only available when its CSV is exported from the backend.
      We will see if we can implement this option in the future updates 🙂

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