Setting up automated Emails for WordPress forms

How to set up automated Emails for WordPress forms

An automated email is a message sent to the user without manual intervention. Automated Emails for WordPress forms strengthens the admin-user relationship. Users feel connected to your brand.

Enabling this feature will send emails as per specified criteria to users registered through the specific form. However, automated emails for WordPress forms have potential to convert your manual workflow post form submission to a completely automated workflow.

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Complete Automation Guide for WordPress Forms

Navigating to the Automation page

Go to “Automation” from the RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

automated Emails for WordPress forms dashboard

The “Automation” page allows you to create a new task.

automated Emails for WordPress forms manager

Elements present in the “Task Settings” page

Clicking on “New Task” opens a “Task Settings” page. Assign “Task Name” as New Task. Make sure this name is unique.

automated Emails for WordPress forms task

Fill the description if required. “Setting up Automated Emails” is the task description in our example.

Click “Next” to navigate to the next page. Here you can select one rule or multiple rules triggering the automated emails.

The “User Account Rule” lets you select users according to the state of the account.

automated Emails for WordPress forms task settings

“Submission Range” defines the parameters for submission. You can specify the time post which submissions elapse. “Field value Rule” chooses submissions based on the field values on your form.

The “Payment processor rule” allows you to select one gateway from several payment gateways. The users with the selected gateway will be eligible to receive automated emails.

“Payment status rule” select users according to their payment status. Payment statuses can be pending or paid.

Click “Next” and go to the last page. This is the page used for setting up automated emails in WordPress.

The “User Account Action” field gives you four choices. These include account activation, deletion, and deactivation. You can also choose to do nothing.

Your selection will affect the user account when the automation rule is triggered.

Setting up Automated Emails in WordPress

The “Send Email” field is the main setting to automate emails.

automated Emails for WordPress forms email

Checking the checkbox sends automated emails to user accounts that fit the selection criteria in step 2.

Input the content for the subject line of the email.

Fill the “Body” section with HTML codes and content. You can also insert field values by choosing a field from the “Select a Field” drop-down. These are the fields to which the automation rule is applied to. You can also add images and videos to the email content.

Click on “Save”.

A “New Task” is created on the “Automation” page. Click on “Run Now” to activate the task.

automated Emails for WordPress forms output

Click “Edit” if you’re looking to make further changes.

This completes the setup of automation email. However, you can apply multiple rules and setup as many automated emails as you like, as per your need.

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