Q: I am seeing following error message when visiting the form: “Submission limit reached for this form, please try back after 24 hours”
Ans: This is an anti-spam measure of RegistrationMagic. A form can be submitted only certain number of times from a given device within a period of 24 hours. You can configure the limit from Global Settings >> Security. Change value for Form Submission Limit for a Device as required. You can even set the limit to zero in order to disable the feature altogether.

Note that in RegistrationMagic Premium bundle, a global override is also available for this setting in Form Settings >> Global Overrides.

Q: “Access Denied” error when trying to view form?
Ans: Please make sure that you haven’t accidently blocked the IP address. Confirm it from Global Settings >> Security >> Banned IP addresses from accessing the form.

Also make sure that you are using latest version of RegistrationMagic, as this issue might arise due to IPv6 connections, which were addressed in newer versions.

Q: Submit button not working/does nothing!
Ans: Most of the time this occurs due to a javascript error from a third-party plugin or theme. You will need to check browser console and see if there is any error that points to a file outside the RegistrationMagic repository. If you are able to trace it to a plugin, try to disabling it and reload the form.

Another cause can be minification of js files and inline scripts. Disable these if you are using a plugin for minification and try again.

Q: Form reloads on submitting and all fields are emptied!
Ans: This may happen if you are using a caching plugin. RegistrationMagic form is a dynamic entity and many features such as analytics may not work properly if the form is served from a cached copy. You will need to exclude the form page from caching in the plugin configuration. Purge the cache and try again.

Q: How do I change the text on the “submit” button?
Ans: You can do it from Form Settings >> Design. Here click on the animating circle on the submit button. A panel will show up where you can change the button label along with color and numerous other attributes.

Q: I want to translate some text, how can I do it?
Ans: RegistrationMagic uses standard po/mo files for maintaining translations. You can use any po editor to translate. We recommend Loco Translate, since it is a free WordPress plugin and works directly from admin dashboard. Click here to get it: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/
As a nice trick you can even modify texts using this, for example label of username and password fields.

Q. How to Upgrading Registration Magic to premium version.
Ans: Upgrading Registration Magic to premium version is very easy. You just need to follow these steps:
1. Log into http://registrationmagic.com/login/
2. Go to “Purchase History” under “My Account” section.
3. Download the latest version and upload it to WordPress backend (Plugins >> Add New >> Upload). Do not activate the plugin yet.
4. Deactivate and delete the existing version. Do not worry, your data will not be lost. Data is stored in the database and not in the plugin.
5. Install and activate the new plugin.

Q. Why are my registered users unable to login, or have deactivated accounts.
Ans: This is due to PayPal’s lag in response when payment method is included. The issue occurs when customer registers with payment yet to be approved by PayPal. Thus, the user is not allowed to be activated, till payment status is changed to confirmed. The workflow has been implemented intentionally to allow control over the registered users when transactions are still pending.