Boost RegistrationMagic User Profiles With ProfileGrid Integration

RegistrationMagic is built from ground up for creating and processing registration and login forms on a WordPress site. It also offers a front-end private user area, for your site users to view (or edit, if allowed), submitted forms and other related information. But if you wish to take it a step further – to offer your registered users option to build public or selectively public profiles, interact with fellow users, offer membership with content restrictions, etc. – RegistrationMagic has a free companion plugin, ProfileGrid, that does all this and more. When installed alongside RegistrationMagic, ProfileGrid serves as its dedicated extension, adding an extra dimension to RegistrationMagic’s user focussed capabilities. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do:

A. User Profile Pages

RegistrationMagic publishes a front-end user area using a special shortcode. This is a private area, only accessible to currently logged in user. When you install ProfileGrid, its own user profile pages take over, and RegistrationMagic’s user area is neatly tucked into private section of ProfileGrid’s beautifully rendered user profile pages. All this happens automatically. It means, you do not need to modify anything. ProfileGrid simply uses RegistrationMagic’s existing front-end shortcode and turns it into user profiles. ProfileGrid even gives you option to show/hide or rename RegistrationMagic’s user area tabs. To do this, just go to ProfileGrid—> Global Settings —> RegistrationMagic Integration

B. Profile Images

RegistrationMagic fetches user profile images from Gravatar – which is part of WordPress family of services. But if the user does not have a Gravatar profile, it is replaced by a generic placeholder image. Too many of them, and things can start looking a little drab. But being a user profile plugin first, ProfileGrid allows your users to upload their own profile and cover images. It Is a robust system where you can define upload sizes from dashboard and set default images for both user profile and cover. On front-end, Users can crop and pan their uploaded photos. These photos automatically show inside RegistrationMagic replacing Gravatar and placeholder images.

C. Content Restrictions

If you are planning to offer content based memberships to your users, ProfileGrid adds group registration based tiers and even allows users to submit and share content selectively. This feature ties in with default WordPress posts and pages seamlessly allowing you granular content based access.

D. User Activity Features

ProfileGrid comes with multiple user networking features like Friends System, In-Profile Notifications, Private Messaging etc. All these features become instantly available to your users through their revamped profile pages as soon as you install ProfileGrid.

Group Activities

E. User Groups

ProfileGrid uses a novel group based user registration system. These groups offer powerful features for user management and moderation. If you are registering users for clubs, teams, factions etc., these can prove quite handy. You even have option to assign and label managers to each group who have separate set of capabilities.

Of course, the integration is not one sided. RegistrationMagic adds powerful features to ProfileGrid’s native system.

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After exploring all the things possible with ProfileGrid, you will find rewarding new ways to use the combination to your advantage. Every site is unique in its own way, and the comprehensive ecosystem offered by RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid allows you to choose among many different ways to turn the key.


  1. Atila Togay

    Can the RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid duo work in multilanguage mode?

    1. RegistrationMagic Staff

      Unfortunately, RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid duo does not work in the multi-language mode. We have noted your requirement and forwarded it to the management team for review and possible inclusion in one of the future updates.

  2. Maz

    In order to functionalized our ProfileGrid Jaami Network Mosque community based social activities, we would like to create a customized front end coronavirus assessment forms
    I have got stuck on it, since I am a newby in registrationmagic integration.
    If there anyone can help, I would be very thanks

    1. Metagauss Support

      Steps to create a registration form using RegistrationMagic-

      Steps for ProfileGrid and RegistrationMagic integration are-

  3. Rimon Levy

    An Admin or group manager can add an user to a group without the user requesting it ?
    Can a group manager update user profiles ?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Yes, the administrator can add the users to any group from “ProfileGrid >> Members” in dashboard. Extension “Advanced Group Manager” allows Group Manager or Administrator to add the user to a group from the frontend. For details on this extension visit the link:

      A group manager cannot update the profile of users.

  4. Laura

    Hi !
    Is there any way to configure an unique user registration form with a drop-down option for current groups created at ProfileGrid?
    is there any way to configure a field for reading the current user’s groups?
    Im interested in filter submissions forms by group and display them at a front page, any idea of how can i do this? (i dont care if i need a single page for each form’s sumission display, just need to know how to filter submissions by group)

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Each Group is associated with one RegistrationMagic registration form. You may link a group with one registration RegistrationMagic’s form in ProfileGrid’s Group settings. Groups tabs in the ProfileGrid user profile page displays the groups to which a user belongs. Feature to filter submissions forms by the group is not available as of now.

  5. Jordi Hermans

    Is there a possiblity to add custom profile fields wich info is requested via de registration form?
    Because, i created a custom registration form with this plugin. But no any info shows up on the profile page. not in the backend and not in the frontend :s

    1. RegistrationMagic

      You may add the custom fields in group registration form by referring the following steps :

      1) Login to the WordPress dashboard and go to the ProfileGrid menu.

      2) All Groups will be listed here, then go to the group Fields for a group.

      3) Next, you will see the list of fields for that group. You can edit, delete or add fields from here.

      If you are using RegistrationMagic form to sign up for a group then you will be required to map the form fields with Group fields to show in profile. For more details visit the link :

  6. Mahbubur Rahman

    why not show registration magic user in profile grid?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      The user must be a member of a ProfileGrid Group. You may visit this link:- For more details on RegistrationMagic-ProfileGrid integration.

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