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Create unlimited registration forms

In RegistrationMagic, each form is unique. It can have its own set of custom fields, sections and content. Each form is represented by a Form Card which provides at a glance view of form submissions, users and access to custom fields.

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Analyze forms like never before

In RegistrationMagic, you can analyze each form and submission in minute details to fine tune your registration process. You can track user location, IP, Browser data and OS, form conversion rate, filling time and a lot more.

Total User Control

Finally you can take total control of users on your WordPress site.By introducing innovate features like user deactivation and one-time-password login system, we have filled in the missing gaps of default user manager. Not only this, we have rebuilt user management section in dashboard area to provide more information at a glance and advanced filters.

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Powerful front end views for users

A suite of strong front end features include login form, widget, user area, submission table and transaction details.

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Inbuilt Responsiveness

With launch of v 3.0, we fully embraced CSS 3 properties to enhance user experience across all screen sizes.

With more form styles in the queue, you will never run out of ideas for your site.

Upgrade to Premium

  • Unlock a bundle of indispensable features that all WordPress admins can do with, in their arsenal.
    Add option to export submissions as spreadsheets, manually approve users, assign user roles to forms, let users choose roles, attach notes to submissions, send user note alerts, show unique token number and more.
  • Field Analytics is a great way to visualize how users are filling up fields with predefined options on your forms.
    Check which options users are selection in checkbox, radio and dropdown fields in percentages over pie charts. Great tool for analyzing stats and conducting opinion polls.
  • Add file upload field to your forms. Define accepted file types and allow users to upload multiple files in a single form.
    Apart from this, there’s a dedicated files browser to check and download all received files individually or as a single zip. Also see a thumbnail overview of image files in cards view.
  • Add multi payment options to price fields and Stripe payment gateway integration for accepting on site payments
    Now you can give users option to select from multiple items with different prices and pay cumulative price during checkout. You can also ask users to define their own price. Great for accepting donation based registrations.
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  • Testimonial
    I use registration magic to register students for my workshops. I can add all the fields I need, customize the form and the best is I get email notifications when a new student registers. I just use the free version and when I had a small issue with it, the support was right onto it as soon as I requested help. Excellent support. Overall, a wonderful experience with Registration Magic for me.
  • I used the Ultimate Member Plugin but it had some loopholes regarding the whitelisting and blacklisting of specific domains. Plus really expensive as compared to RegistrationMagic. The free version itself has so many incredible features like Mailchimp esp which was a paid feature in Ultimate Member. RegistrationMagic performed at par with my expectations. Recommended for people who want to run a full-fledged site.
    Tamanna@tamannasingh on
  • I had a number of requirements for an unusual case and after searching for many alternatives that didn't gel, Registration Magic solved a large part of my needs and were even enthusiastic about adding an extra feature that will help my cause even more when implemented. Initially I had some problems with the plugin that appeared to be a bug with the version but support was fantastic. When they were able to get in and take a look, they had it solved even before I'd noticed. Highly recommended.
    iAppsWP@iappswp on
  • Registrationmagic makes it easy to create forms. You simply choose the type of fields you want to show up, and the form is instantly created.It's really no more complicated than that. No messing with a form layout, or CSS, or shortcodes, except one - the form name. The plugin gives you the shortcode for the form, and you just copy and paste to a page. That's it - you're done. I emailed a concern about a typo I found in a field and Registrationmagic IMMEDIATEly responded and addressed the problem. That kind of prompt service is rare in any business, and much appreciated by me.
    stephwalther@stephwalther on
  • Testimonial
    That's a best plugin for registration I've ever seen. It works like charm, has optimization, does integrate with template effortlessly, is secure with reCAPTCHA... I needed it to cope with s2memebr and it works great. Great plugin and support is fast, helpful and reliable. Keep doing a great job! :)
    merlinseducer@merlinseducer on
  • I needed a registration form that could redirect as well as a form to allow multiple file uploads. This plugin gave me all I needed plus more. My site was hacked and messed stuff up but Registration Magic's support was prompt and fixed my issues with no problems. Very knowledgeable, fast and friendly team.
    rdpshop@rdpshop on
  • This plugin is under active development, there are regular updates. When I had some issues, I had a very good experience with customer support.
    romandesign@romandesign on
  • Testimonial
    Does what it says on the can. Highly recommended
  • Testimonial
    I loved this plugin! Straightforward, simple, easy, amazing and powerful! Thank you so much!
  • Testimonial
    This plugin is perfect. Does just as I needed. I am in the process of planning a car show and it has saved me a great amount of work with online registration.
    haveyoumetrandy@haveyoumetrandy on

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