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User Accounts

User Accounts

User Accounts section inside the Global Settings allow you to globally configure settings on user accounts. Available settings are…

Auto Generated Password

Enabling this option will send users system generated random passwords instead of allowing them to set passwords for themselves from the forms’ password field. If this option is enabled, the password field will not appear on the forms at all.

Send Username and Password to the User through Email

Enabling this option will send users an email with their selected username and password after successful registration with the form’s submission. In case Auto Generated Password is enabled, this option will be enabled by default and will send the auto generated password to users with the email.

WordPress Registration Auto Approval

Enable this option to automatically activate user accounts after form submissions. Uncheck it if you wish to manually activate every user individually. Manual Activations can be done from the User Manager section, or by clicking on activation links in User Activate email notifications, or by setting up an Automation Task.