How to add additional email field to your WordPress Form

Additional Email field and its use

This post is not about mandatory Email field, but about additional Email field. Note that the primary Email address appears on the form all the time and is irremovable. The additional field allow you to add a separate Email address, which can be included for safety and backup reasons.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your WordPress dashboard go to the “All Forms” section in RegistrationMagic. Go to “Field Manager”.

additional email field WordPress form

Click Add Fields. Then, click “E-Mail” field under “Special Fields”.

additional email field WordPress form manager

Configuring your additional Email field

Navigate to additional Email field settings. The first option Field Type remains as E-Mail which cannot be altered.

The field type is primarily a single line text field. A label is displayed on form’s front-end. In this tutorial, we will fill the Label field with “E-mail”.

additional email field WordPress form settings

Navigate to Icon Settings. This will create an Icon/avatar just before the field where the user will enter the text. Select any one of the icons and close the setting.

Icon Colour and Icon Container options assign particular color to the icon and  background color of the icon container respectively. Container capacity and Container shape sets the capacity and shape of the icon’s container.

Go to advanced settings.

additional email field WordPress form advance settings

A custom CSS class attribute can only be applied if the class is pre-defined in the coded file.

Required Field is mandatory field, which user must fill before submitting the form. Navigate to “Accept only Unique values” field. This field restrict user input to unique value across all users. Next, click “Add this field to User Account” to add additional Email field to field manager.

Adding the additional Email field to WordPress form

Go to RM “All forms”. Copy the shortcode. Navigate to the “All Pages” section. Create new page. Paste the shortcode. Click update.

Go back to “All Forms” and click on Add to Form.

The form front-end will not display additional Email field.

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