How to add registration feed to your WordPress form

Introducing Registration Feed widget

A Registration Feed widget display the information as to how many registrations have been completed. It displays the date and time of user registration, along with username. This widget also display the latest submissions data on your form.

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to add the registration feed in your WordPress form.

Navigating to the Registration Feed widget

From your WordPress dashboard navigate to the “All Forms” section in RegistrationMagic. Go to “Field Manager”.


Click Add Field.

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Configuring the registration feed widget

Click Registration Feed widget; this will navigate you to its settings page. Fill the label field with the text “Registration Feed”. This will immediately archive your widget on the Field Manager page.

From drop-down, define keywords to use for user identification in Registration Feed. It allows you to choose the format with which you want to identify the user. These keywords include username, first name, last name or both, display name and initials.

The next two checkboxes are to control information display regarding user registration date and user’s country . If checked, the date and country will not display in the registration feed.

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The “Max number of items to display” field defines the maximum number of records to display in the registration feed.

The “Show Gravatar” setting displays an icon just before the username. Gravatar is a global service by WordPress for avatars. WordPress fetches the user’s avatar from the gravatar platform linked to E-mail ID.

The CSS class attribute will be applicable if the class is pre-defined in the coded file.

Adding registration feed to WordPress form

Go to  RM “All Forms”. Copy the shortcode. Navigate to the “All Pages” section. Create new page and paste the short code. Click Update.

Go back to your Registration Feed widget page and click on “Save”. Registration feed will now display in your WordPress form.

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