Summer Camp Form Templates [Frequently Used]

Summer Camp Form Templates

Many organizations have started implementing summer camp processes online; this trend is going up. Summer camp programs utilize RegistrationMagic’s summer Camp form templates to register users, collect payments, sign waivers and manage registrants. You can download summer camp form templates for free from RegistrationMagic template portal.

Note that all summer camp form templates below can be downloaded for free, without any kind of subscription. RegistrationMagic templates are completely complimentary for personal as well as business ventures. All the forms are completely customizable.

Summer Camp Registration Form

You can utilize summer camp registration form template to register users for your summer camp. This form can be modified to include other fields as required by your registration process.

The 3 mandatory fields are Child Name, Date of Birth and Name of School.

Summer Camp Form Templates Registration

Other important fields are Parent/Guardian name, Address field, and Email field. The address field is configured with Google Maps API, which displays address suggestions as user starts filling in the address. This makes it easier for your users to locate exact address. Email field is mandatory.

The medical information field can be made mandatory, as required. Your users can input physician’s name in the input box followed by medical concerns if any.

Summer Camp Form Templates Registration 2

You can download the Summer Camp Registration Form here.

General Purpose Contact Form

The General Purpose Contact form collects all necessary user data as part of user enquiry.

The first two fields, first and last name of registrant, can be made mandatory, as required. The Email field is always mandatory.

Summer Camp Form Templates Contact Form


Summer Camp Form Templates Contact Form 2

The drop-down and checkboxes fields with options 1,2 and 3 are placeholders. You can edit and modify these according to your needs. You can also insert your terms and conditions as required.

Download the General Purpose Contact form here.

General Purpose Payment Form

The General Purpose Payment form enables you to collect payment from your users or registrants.

The first two fields are first and last name of the enrolling candidate. The Email field is mandatory.

Summer Camp Form Templates Payment Form

Billing Address is an important field, since payment cards are connected to billing address from security standpoint. The payment form also displays the total price at the bottom of the form.


Summer Camp Form Templates Payment Form 2


Lastly, your users can choose a Payment Method. Note that PayPal integration is free. You can also collect payments offline, with RegistraitonMagic’s offline payment module.

Download the General Purpose Payment Form here.

Sponsorship Request Form

You can implement this form if sponsorships or discounts are part of your workflow.

The first two fields are first and last name of the applying camper. The Email field is mandatory.Summer Camp Form Templates Sponsorship form

Note that the checkboxes shown in the form are placeholders. You can modify these fields and field values as per your needs.

Download the Sponsorship Request Form here.

Follow up Survey Form

This form is similar to a feedback form.

You users can provide input from their experience and even rate your program. You can utilize the feedback to further improve your next summer camp program.


Summer Camp Form Templates Survey Form

Summer Camp Form Templates Survey Form 2


Download the Follow up Survey form here.

Closing Remark

All Summer camp form templates above are 100% customizable. You can add more fields, as required. Give a try to RegistrationMagic Templates. Good luck in your venture!

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