Version 6 Release Notice – Registration Form Front-end Revamp

Hi RegistrationMagic Users,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new form publishing shortcode. With this new form publish shortcode, RegistrationMagic is giving you a completely new code base to render and process your forms. This new code will load your forms faster and with a new frontend design. It’ll also allow you to set the theme of each form individually from the shortcode itself.

It is important to note that the new shortcode will not affect your currently published forms in any way. This is a completely new method to publish your forms, new and old both. You can keep your currently published forms as they are while adopting the new shortcode at your own pace. Although we recommend switching to the new shortcode as soon as possible.

Now lets move ahead and discuss how you can use this new shortcode.

The New Shortcode and Its Attributes

The new shortcode is available in this format: [RM_Forms id=’1′ theme=’default’]. Here, RM_Forms is the name of the shortcode while ‘id’ and ‘theme’ are its attributes. The ‘id’ is the ID of the form that you want to publish with this shortcode. The ‘theme’ attribute lets you set the theme of the form directly from the shortcode itself.

Although the theme for all your forms can be set from the Global Settings in one go, this new shortcode allows you to change the theme of each form individually. Setting the theme in the shortcode will override the theme that you have set from the Global Settings.

There are three options you can use in the ‘theme’ attribute…

  1. Default [RM_Forms id=’1′ theme=’default’] – The Default option applies the default design of RegistrationMagic forms regardless of the WordPress theme you are using.
  2. Classic [RM_Forms id=’1′ theme=’classic’] – The Classic option applies a set neutral tone which looks pleasing with all kinds of WordPress themes.
  3. Match My Theme [RM_Forms id=’1′ theme=’matchmytheme’] – The Match My Theme option will let forms pick visual elements automatically from your active WordPress theme.

Important Note: The ‘theme’ attribute is optional. If the ‘theme’ attribute is not specified, the theme set in the global settings will be used.

The Old Shortcode

The old RegistrationMagic form publish shortcode will continue to remain activate for some time. This is the old shortcode format – [RM_Form id='1']. Please note that this old shortcode only has the form ‘id’ attribute in it and not the ‘theme’ attribute, which is made available only in the new shortcode.

We strongly recommend using the new shortcode from now on as our plan is to phase the old one out very soon.


The new shortcode also renders the form with a new code base which’ll result in overall better performance of your forms. Following are the major changes in the new code…

  1. Removed PFBC form builder library – With the new shortcode, we have removed the usage of the PFBC form builder library completely. The new form will render without using this library as it is now obsolete.
  2. Minimized usage of sessions – The new shortcode will also make minimum use of sessions. Since the PFBC form builder library made extensive use of sessions in its form building process, removing it has reduced usage of sessions significantly. Session will continue to be used for login functionality though.
  3. Reduced database queries – The new shortcode will load and submit forms with reduced database queries. This means your forms will now load faster and submit faster too.
  4. Modernized Form Design  – The new shortcode will load and submit forms with a live error handling – that is, errors are displayed as the user fill the fields as oppose to when user submit the form. Also, the new shortcode allow  you to change the form’s appearance directly through the ‘theme’ attribute.

Migration to the New System

To update your form, simply change the existing shortcode on your published page from [RM_Form id='x'] to [RM_Forms id='x']. This adjustment will allow the form to load from the new system. Rest assured, there is no need to rebuild the form or the form fields during this migration. Only a shortcode change is required. The entire process typically takes less than a minute.

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