How to Reinvent WooCommerce User Registration Process to Increase Sales!

Reinvent WooCommerce User Registration Process & Increase Sales!

1. Handle WooCommerce user registration with RegistrationMagic plugin.

Value-Add: How this will help WooCommerce Admin?
a. Create custom registration form fields to collect user data that is relevant to your business.
b. Access form and ‘form fields’ analytics in the RegistrationMagic plugin to get user insights.
c. Convert insights into actionable tasks that can drive sales.
d. Make user login easy with RegistrationMagic’s built-in social login feature.
e. Control spam registrations with RegistrationMagic built-in security feature, which also includes Google reCaptcha integration, IP ban, Domain ban, and Password strength control options.
f. Implement differential product pricing based on WooCommerce user roles, which can be selected by user during user registration process (RegistrationMagic custom fields).
g. Extend the reach of WooCommerce User Registration form to your potential users, with RegistraitionMagic built-in feature of displaying WooCommerce registration form on External URLs and non-WordPress sites.
h. Get notified when account is created, irrespective of whether the account creation resulted in sale.

2. Register vendors on your WooCommerce site, with RegistrationMagic.

Value-Add: How this will help WooCommerce Admin?
a. With the ‘Unlimited Forms’ feature, create a new vendor registration form to handle vendor registration process on WooCommerce platform. Approve registrations manually or automatically, as required.
b. RegistrationMagic’s built-in payment module can be added, if vendor registration fee is required.
c. Access form and field analytics in the RegistrationMagic plugin to get vendor insights.
d. Communicate with vendors, right through RegistrationMagic’s inbuilt email inbox feature.
e. Store and manage the vendor submission data right in your Dropbox account, using RegistrationMagic’s built-in Dropbox integration.

3. Add Floating Cart to your WooCommerce site, with RegistrationMagic.

Value-Add: How this will help WooCommerce Admin?
a. With a WooCommerce floating cart icon, let your shoppers quickly view what’s in their cart without needing to direct their attention elsewhere.
b. Your visitors will appreciate the quick access and easy checkout. And, your sales will increase as a result!

Regarding RegistrationMagic:

RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress registration plugin that gives you TOTAL CONTROL of user registrations on your WooCommerce website. With 7000+ installs and 100+ 5 star reviews, RegistrationMagic offers a proven user registration solution. RegistrationMagic plugin is a powerful addition to any WooCommerce admin’s arsenal.

Both Free and Paid versions of RegistrationMagic are accessible here.


  1. Becky

    Do you have a demo of this in action? I need to create free memberships that give access on user registration but I would also like to create a custom user registration form to collect more fields and also host it on a separate page from the my account page.

    Will your plugin do this?

    1. Aaron

      Still no reply in 2019 so glad I purchased this 🙁

      1. RegistrationMagic

        Using RegistrationMagic-WooCommerce integration, we can show plugin’s custom fields on WooCommerce Checkout Registration page and on WooCommerce My Account Registration page. Our system allows for registration on separate page that does not belong to WooCommerce by simply publishing the form using RegistrationMagic shortcode. You can always raise a ticket here, should you need any detailed information regarding workflow:

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