Username Field Settings

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Username Field Settings

In addition to the regular field settings that are available to all fields, the Username field also has the following three unique options to configure…

Username exists error

From this option you can set the error message that appears to a user when trying to register with an existing or blacklisted/ reserved username. You can manage blacklisted/ reserved usernames from Global SettingsSecurity.

Using this message, you can give some suggestions to users on what type of username to use during registration. For example, if a user by the username ‘Peggy’ already exists and another person uses that name too, you can give suggestion that she can pair her last name with the first name. Or pair the name with the location of her residence to make the username unique.

Allowed Characters

Select which type of characters will be accepted in the username during registration. Selecting all will allow maximum possibility of username customization. However, selecting only one or two will allow a good level of uniformity among the usernames on your site.

If none are selected, all characters will be allowed.

Invalid username format error

This is the error message a user will see when trying to use characters which are not allowed from the “Allowed Characters” option. It is best to make this message as informative as possible as that will allow users to create usernames exactly how you want.

Use the code {{allowed_characters}} in the text to insert allowed characters dynamically.