New Field

New Field

This is the section from where you can add fields to your form (or edit them). Available field settings are…

Field Type

This shows the type of field you selected to add to your form. The type can be one of many fields that RegistrationMagic provides. No matter what your requirements are, you can find the right field from here.


Set the Label of the field from here. It will appear alongside with the field when you add it to the form. The field label will also be visible inside user accounts if Allow users to edit this field after submission setting is enabled. Label, however, does not apply to the Shortcode field.

Placeholder text

Add a text from here that will appear as the Placeholder text on the new field. Placeholder text only works on fields that are built to take in text input, such as the Text field, or the Textarea field.


Add the Options from here that users will be able to choose from. Multiple options can be added by using the Click to add more button. Drag and drop fields to arrange their order inside the list. Also, you can use the link Allow users to input custom value to add a text field to multiple choice for a user defined input. In case you are creating a Drop Down field, multiple values will have to be added by separating them with commas(,) in the given text area.

Available only if you are creating a field that takes in user input from multiple choices, such as the Checkbox field.

Checkbox Label

Only available on the T&C Checkbox field, this label is displayed on the checkbox with the Terms & Conditions text. Usually, this label has the text “I accept“, but you can change it to your preferred text as well.

Terms & Conditions

Only available on the T&C Checkbox field, this text is displayed on the form as the Terms & Conditions text. This text is displayed with a Checkbox that can be used to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Define allowed file types

Only available on the File Upload field, this settings controls which files extensions can be allowed for upload by users. Multiple file types can be allowed by separating the file extensions with a pipe ( | ) symbol. Like this…


If you leave it this field blank, file extensions defined in Global Settings >> General settings will be used instead.

Select Product

Only available on the Product field, you can use this setting to add a Product to your form. Products are added from the “Products” menu under the RegistrationMagic Dashboard menu.


Only available on the Shortcode field, you can use this text box to add shortcodes to your form. This field is helpful when you want to add content to your form from another plugin installed on your site, such as galleries.

Hover text

Add the text here that will display inside a fade-in box to the users when they hover their cursor above the field. The box disappears as soon as the cursor moves away from the field. Ideally, this should be used for quick and handy Tooltips.

Icon Settings

Use the settings below to add an icon to the field.


Upload an image from here to display an icon before the label of this field. Creating distinction for fields using icons can greatly enhance accessibility of your forms and make them visually appealing too. You can also style the icon using the options below.

Icon color

Choose a color from here that will appear as the foreground color of the icon.

Icon Container

Choose a color from here that will appear as the background color of the icon. For best results, keeping accessibility in mind, the foreground and the background colors should have a high contrast ratio.

Container Opacity

Use this slider to change the opacity of icon’s background.

Container Shape

Use this option to mask the icon with a pre-defined shape. Available masking options are…

  1. Square
  2. Sticker
  3. Round

Advanced Settings

CSS Class Attribute

Apply any custom CSS class from here that you have already defined in the theme’s CSS file, or from the Appearance >> Editor section.

Maximum Length

Set the maximum length of characters that can be allowed from user submitted value for this field. You can leave it blank if no limit is required. This option is available only on fields that are built to take in text input, such as the Text field, or the Textarea field.


Set the width of the text area defined in terms of columns where each column is equivalent to one character. This option is only available on the Textarea field.


Set the height of the text area defined in terms of number of text lines. This option is only available on the Textarea field.

Default Value

Set the default value(s) that will be selected on this field by default. For the Checkbox field, multiple default values can be added, unlike Radio Button and Drop Down, for which only one default value can be selected.

Required Field

Enable this option to make this field mandatory to be filled with the form submission. The form will show users an error if they try to submit the form without filling this field.

Accept Only Unique Values

Enable this option to mark this field as unique. With this option enabled, no two users will be able to submit same value for this field. Any subsequent attempt for submission with duplicate value with show an error message.

Add this field to User Account

Enable this option to display this field’s value inside RegistrationMagic’s User Manager area. It can also display the value on the frontend on the User Account area if you use the RegistrationMagic shortcode: [RM_Front_Submissions]

Allow Users to Edit this Field after Submission

Enable this option if you have already set up a front-end for your users and want them to edit their form submission for this field after making the submission.