How to add Drop Down Field to WordPress Form

Add drop down field to WordPress form

“Drop Down” is similar to Radio buttons offering scalable options. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add drop down field to WordPress form.

From your WordPress dashboard go to the “All Forms” section in RegistrationMagic. Hover on any of the forms and click on the “Fields” hyperlink which is also termed as the “Field Manager”.

drop down field to WordPress form

Step by Step Tutorial

This will navigate you to a new page with numerous pre-created fields. Click on “Add Field” from the operations box. A pop-up appears immediately. Take your cursor to the “Drop Down” hyperlink just under the common fields section and click on it.

drop down field to WordPress form fields

This will navigate you to a page from which you will be able to configure the Drop-Down field. Assign the field type as Drop down. Fill “Label” with “Country” as text.

drop down field to WordPress form options

You will have to enter a number of countries in the “Options (values separated by a comma. “,”). As an example, fill them with the name of 3 countries Canada, U.S.A, U.K.

Just below that, you will find a field to enter a hover text. This text will appear as a popup as soon as you hover your cursor across the drop-down field. Come down to “Icon Settings”. Here you would be able to choose the modifications you want to apply to the icon.

You can fiddle with the color, capacity, shape, and all other icons. Under icon settings, you will be able to notice “Advanced Settings”. This is the place from where you can apply rules and upgraded settings with ease.

drop down field to WordPress form settings

Advanced settings

Under advanced settings, you can see the CSS class attribute. Fill the default value field with Canada so that the field presents Canada as the default choice.

Below this is the “Required Field” which will appear as a field with an asterisk at the corner.  The next checkbox is “Add this field to User Account” which showcases this value in RegistrationMagic’s “User Manager Area”. The last part allows users to edit features on the form even after they have submitted them.

Now go back to RM “All forms” and copy the embedded shortcode from the form.

drop down field to WordPress form cards

Navigate to the “All Pages” section from “Pages” on the WordPress dashboard. Drill into the page where your form lies. In this case, we will be using “Sample Form”.

drop down field to WordPress form shortcode

Paste the shortcode in the body section of the page. Click update. Go back to your “Drop Down” settings and click on “Add to Form”. Notice a link just under the heading named “Sample Page”. Click on the link and you will find your form configured with a “Drop Down”.

Here is a front end view of what your drop down will look like on the WordPress form.

drop down field to WordPress form front-end

This completes our tutorial on how to add drop down field to WordPress form.

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  1. Reem

    How can I remove the default value in the email field? registration form.
    It always shows the admin email.

    1. rmagic

      Hi, the default value is of the person currently log in. If you are log in as Admin, admin email id will show up, to ease process of form completion. Log out from your dashboard, you will notice that the default value will not display.

  2. victor

    After I add a new field and press “Add to form” nothing happens, new field doesn’t appear in the registration form. Please help.

    1. rmagic

      This could be a conflict with another plugin. Please create a support ticket and we will resolve it right away.

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