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Event Registration Form Plugin – Use Cases

**This article is out of date. Instead, visit our Starter Guide on how to Create Event Registration Form Page to register, manage and analyze your event attendees.

Event Registration Forms are online forms capturing user information as well as the events they are attending.

For example, you are hosting an education event. The form that students fill must have required fields and registration limits by form submissions or by date. Yes, these requirements can be met, along with other event specific requirements, with RegistrationMagic plugin.

Creating an Event Registration Form

Go to “All Forms” from your RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Click on “New Form” and create a form named EventRegistrationForm. This form has the username, password and email fields pre-included in it.

Event Registration Form Plugin form type

Hover on the clipboard of the new form and click on Fields. Add a “Date” field to set the event date. Label it as “Event Date”. Assign Placeholder Text with “Select a Date” in the input box.

Event Registration Form Plugin form manager

Click “Add to Form”.

Add a “Number Field” defining the number of applicants. Label it as “Number of Invitees”. Add this field to the form as well.

Event Registration Form Plugin form options

Also, add display fields, one of which is the “Submission Countdown” display field. However, this display field displays the limit status only after setting form limits.

Event Registration Form Plugin form fields

To summarize as of now, a new event registration form is created. On the other hand, some limits must be set accordingly to accommodate every form submission.

Set Limits for your Event Registration Form

Go to your “EventRegistrationForm” form dashboard from the RegistrationMagic plugin. Click “Limits” from the “Configure” section in the dashboard.

Event Registration Form Plugin form limits

You are now on the Limit Configuration Page. Set limits from this section.

Check the “Limit Submissions” checkbox. This unpublishes the form after the submission limit or a specific date is reached.

Limitations can be set by:

  • Submissions
  • Date
  • Both (Whichever is earlier)
  • Custom Status

Configure your Event Registration Form

Select any one of them limiting the form’s visibility. Selecting “By Submissions” or “By Date” sets the limit according to date or number of submissions. Selecting both prioritize the one for which the limit reaches earlier.

Event Registration Form Plugin configuration

In this example, we set both date and number of submissions as limits. Fill the input box for the “Limit by Number” field with any number. Once this number reaches, the form becomes invisible to the user. In this case, the number is set to 100. This means that after 100 form submissions, entries stop.

The “Limit by Date” field assigns the last date after which the form becomes invisible. Once this date is over, entries are no more possible. This date is modifiable at a later stage if required. In this case, the last date is set for 30th June 2018. Any submission after 30th June is invalid.

The “Limit Action” field helps in deciding your action upon the closure of entries. To illustrate, you look forward to displaying a message after reaching the limits. Select the “Display a Message” radio button and insert the Message Content Below. This is the message displayed once the limits reach. In this demonstration, “Maximum Limit Reached” is the text displayed to the user.

View from the User’s End

Click “Save” and return to your Form Dashboard.

Go to the field manager of your event registration form and click “Preview” from the operations box. Significantly, your event registration form is now embedded to your WordPress page.

To demonstrate, shared below is a screenshot of the event registration form implanted on your WordPress page.

Event Registration Form Plugin result

Follow the link for additional information or early bird event registration setup. 

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