How to Add Countdown Timer to WordPress Form

Add a Timer to WordPress Form with a WordPress Countdown Plugin

By adding a timer to WordPress form you create anticipation among your users about an event or class registration. A WordPress countdown plugin can create such a form to boost your membership site.

A timer feature on your form adds a smart difference to your WordPress registration page. It makes it more interactive as if the user is connected live to your site. Also, it ensures more successful submissions as users try to fill up the form in a limited time without delaying the process.

A default WordPress registration form does not offer the liberty to add a timer. So, installing a WordPress countdown plugin is your key to achieve this goal.

The RegistrationMagic plugin is one such WordPress counter plugin that offers a Timer field to add to your registration page.

However, the timer field is part of the Display section, of the plugin’s list of custom form fields. There are various other fields to fix the content, appearance, etc. of your WordPress registration form.

The Display fields of RegistrationMagic, also offer the Spacing field. It allows the users to add space between WordPress form fields to make it look more clean and spacious.

This timer is visible to the user while entering data into the form. Completing the task within the allotted timeline increase efficiency of form submission.

Moreover, the Timer field is classified into two types. A stopwatch is the kind of a timer calculating time ascending from zero to get an idea of the lost time. A timer is a device which calculates backward from a specified time interval.

The Timer field used here counts forward. There are two sections – one with a single digit and the other with three digits. The single digits count from 1-10 and influence the three digit number to alter accordingly.

Application of Timer Field in a registration form

First, install the RegistrationMagic plugin and activate it. Then, you will find the plugin menu on your dashboard. From here, click on the All Forms link.

WordPress Countdown Plugin navigation

Here, you will find all the forms that you create through this plugin. Now, select any form where you want to add a timer. Hover on that form cover and the Dashboard and Field link will appear.

WordPress Countdown Plugin dashboard

Now, click on Fields, and you will land on the Field Manager page of that form. Here, you will find an Add New link at the top corner. Click on it, to start adding new fields to your form.


When you click on Add Field, a pop up will appear with all the preset fields of this WordPress countdown plugin.

WordPress Countdown Plugin add fields

From there, under the Display Fields heading, you will find the Timer field. Click on it, to land on the Timer Widget settings page. Here, give a label to your timer. This label appears inside user accounts. The next option is the CSS Class attribute. You can apply a CSS Class defined in the Appearance or the theme CSS file. Finally, click on Add to Form to complete the task.

After selecting any field apart from Timer in RegistrationMagic’s list of fields, you will land on the New Field page. Here, you can determine the type, label, placeholder text, and field icon. Also, users can change the Field type from the New Field page even after choosing a field from the pop-up.

Similarly, from the Fields section of this WordPress countdown plugin, you can embed form metadata to your WordPress form. So that it shows form related data such as the number of submissions or the time of the last submission etc on the frontend.

Form Publishing and Frontend Timer

Now, after adding the Timer field to your form it is time to publish this form on your site. The RegistrationMagic plugin is not just any WordPress countdown plugin, it is also a very efficient form building plugin. Every form cover on the All Forms page contains a shortcode that is unique to that form.

WordPress Countdown Plugin form shortcode

Tips: In order to publish a form with RegistrationMagic, just copy the form shortcode, paste it on a new WordPress page and click on publish.

WordPress Countdown Plugin new page

So now, let’s check out our form where we just put the timer field.

WordPress Countdown Plugin frontend

The appearance of this timer depends on the theme of your site. As soon as a user lands on this form page, the timer will start. On the backend, the admin will get to see the amount of time that a user took to fill up this form.

Tips: Thanks to the external integration feature of RegistrationMagic, users can autofill contact form fields from user account. The plugin fetches user data from their social profiles and transfers to your site’s user data.

A plugin to build versatile registration forms

As you saw, this WordPress countdown plugin, with the help of its wide range of fields helps users to create all types of registration forms. Thus, there is no point restricting your site to the default WordPress registration forms. Moreover, these fields are customizable for the admin from the backend. Also. while adding fields to user forms, admins get to choose which field data to display on the frontend user area. So, create more scopes for your membership site and build extensive forms with RegistrationMagic.

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