Edit Field

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Edit Field

When using RegistrationMagic, you have the option to use form templates and default forms that come installed with the plugin. However, editing fields for such forms can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the basics of field editing.

To edit a field’s properties, you need to visit the form’s ‘Fields Manager’ section. You can access ‘Fields Manager‘ by clicking on the ‘Fields‘ link that appear on the form card when you hover your cursor over it. The ‘Fields Manager‘ section can also be accessed from the Form Dashboard.

Fields Link

Once you are on the ‘Fields Manager‘ page, you should be able to see a list of all the fields the form has.

Fields Manager

From here, you can change order of the fields, text of the submit button, and its alignment.

Clicking on the ‘Edit‘ link on any field from here will open the ‘Edit Field‘ page for that field.

Edit Field

From the ‘Edit Field‘ page, you can all the properties associated with that field. Such as Field Type, Label, Hover Text etc.