How to set up a simple Camp Registration Form for your business website

Camps are some of the most fun activities for every organization conducting and for every participant. While the camp in itself is delightful, registrations for the camp might not be the easiest task. A camp registration form comes to the rescue in such a situation for both parties.

For instance, say you want to attend a summer camp in city X. You live in city Y which is 70-100kms from city X. While staying in city X for the duration of the camp is not an issue, the registration for the camp is not convenient. You’d not want to convey all the way to city X just to fill the summer camp registration form, would you? (unless you’re an avid traveler!)

These stringent situations often stop us from participating in so many fun and engaging camps. The solution? An online camp registration form! The benefits of an online camp signup form are many.

These virtual forms are helpful for everyone involved. For the organizers, they offer the advantage of better reach, easy organization, and verified work systems. On the other hand, for the participants, these forms offer ease of online use and options for changes and enhancements.

A camp registration form can be used in many varieties. Institutions in the art field may use art camp registration forms. Similarly, the one dealing in music may use such online forms as music camp registration forms.

The uses of a camp signup form may be many but the underlying benefits on all virtual camp registration forms remain the same. Let’s understand in detail, how.

How does a camp registration process take place?

Fundamentally, this denotes a process of people seeking admission to attend the camp organized by an institution. They request their attendance at the camp and once granted, participate in the events there.

Learn more about the importance of camps for young kids here.

Lately, the world has witnessed a shift in the means of conducting this procedure. Starting from face-to-face on-paper registrations, we have now moved on to online verification form-based registration. From primary details collection to authentic verification, a lot of these virtual forms are capable of it all.

Irrespective of a small or large scale, paid or free camp, an online registration process provides a convenient experience. Both parties, the organizers and the attendees, observe this seamless experience.

Virtual registration processes make it so much easier for the organizers to promote the camp to a wider audience. It also helps in eliminating the difficult headcount and organization of paper collected data. It also allows room for advancements and changes.

The virtual camp registration process can be easily linked with search engines to optimize the reach of your camp and other related events.


A camp registration form makes the process easier than you’d think

A common belief goes around to get the handling of the camp registration process outsourced.

The underlying misbelief that leads to this idea is that this process is too complex, so a professional better handle it. Even worse, people assume this process to be costly on the pocket.

If you’re of the opinion that you better concentrate your energy on the other segments of the camp such as venue, marketing, collaterals, etc. then you’re wrong. In this case, it’s not the camp registration management that’s expensive, it’s your notion about it.

Delegating the camp registration process is not a smart idea especially when you have smart tools at your disposal to tackle these tasks for you. These smart tools are form-creation and manager plugins for your website.

You don’t even have to understand computer-based coding or web-designing fully to build these forms. Just a few clicks and you’re all set even if it’s a large-scale camping event. A camp entry form can get ready in a jiffy with these plugins. We’ll discuss this further in the coming sections of the article.


Why do we need virtual camp signup forms?

A camp participation form is the fundamental building block of the actual program. The information that you gather from the camp form helps you in many ways. One such benefit can help you guide your camp ideas’ overall activities and tailor them to fit your participants’ preferences well.

All segments of the actual camp can be planned in the best possible way through this data. By providing an aesthetically great and well-structured form, you’re already getting in the good books who could be your potential clients.

The form in itself holds a lot of power over the person’s decision whether or not to attend the camp. This is especially true for first-time camp conductors. Therefore, the first appeal of your camp registration form is very important in putting a good impression of you and your business.

In addition, the information that you’ll gather through your camp signup form can be used for so many marketing and quality improvement endeavors. Quality enhancement gets visionary with such first-hand data.

How can a camp registration form help in marketing strategies? Furthermore, we’ll discuss this subject in the next section of this article.


How can institutions use camp registration forms for marketing endeavors?

Any sort of online registration form offers brilliant and edgy marketing strategies.

  1. The summer camp registration form or others on the same lines offers a chance to collect valuable marketing data.
  2. Since participants filling the form spare some time out to fill it, you can make use of the opportunity and know your participants better in subtle ways.
  3. When the key questions don’t deviate from the main topic, your objective becomes clear. This clarity helps the participants understand your ideas better.
  4. Improving the experience for the members of the camp should always be the focus. Using this data, you can plan these things out exactly as per your participants’ preferences.
  5. Far beyond the quantitative data, this information also helps you guide your marketing strategy for the campsites, promotions, etc.
  6. Using the camp form to collect qualitative data is a smart practice. Many business segments aside from the marketing team can make use of this data such as the growth and quality control teams, etc.


How to get the best of your camp registration form?

All camp entry forms should be informative, precise, and clear of their objectives. Ideally, they should aim at converting the visitors to the website to participants of the camp. Don’t leave your potential participants guessing, just state the facts right away!

When discussing the main content of your camp form, consider these must-have areas for it:

  • Title of the camp: As a rule of thumb, the first thing getting the light of the form on your camp form should be its title. Give it catchy titles for participants to remember it and on a fateful chance, spread the word for it.
  • Description:  Tell your audience a little about the camp. This description is supposed to be planned in a very smart way. This is what tempts the audience into reading the rest of the sheet.
  • Date and Time: Make this point clear to your audience. Mention this in bold and bright text and make sure to check for errors before posting.
  • Venue: Add a location to your form. Integrate this venue with google maps if possible for easy direction if it’s a physical event.
  • Star trainer/attraction: Mention details of the star trainer/attraction of the show. Tell your participants why they shouldn’t miss the opportunity briefly.
  • Price/Prize: The most important highlight of the form, the price or prize field. Add the prices in big and bold font depending on your offer. Mention the prizes the winners or top performers of the camp will win.


How to set up a camp registration form for your WordPress website?

RegistrationMagic form builder plugin helps you to build hundreds of forms with unrestricted fields for your WordPress website. These forms may vary from event registration to admission forms to hospital website forms.

You have the full freedom to customize and alter the fields as per your requirements as many times as necessary.

Try RegistrationMagic for Free.

Another wonderful plugin is ProfileGrid memberships. This basically assists you to take registered user data to the next level. This is a premium membership plugin that can form and manage profiles for your users. In addition, it can build communities for your future recurring events. It also supports registered members to socialize within a group.

  1. A website on WordPress: Click here to start on WordPress.
  2. Free RegistrationMagic plugin: Download/ Install from here.
  3. Premium RegistrationMagic plugin (optional but preferred): For unlocking more ultra-personalized advanced features.


Creating a camp signup form through RegistrationMagic: Step-by-step guide

Primary steps for form creation:

Step 1: Adding a new form to the section.

  • Firstly, go to the RegistrationMagic plugin and click on “All Forms“.
  • Next, go to  “New Form” for creating a new camp form.

Step 2: Adding a new name for the form.

  • In the window that says “Create New Form“, give a title for your form.
  • Because we’re creating a music camp registration form, that’s what we’ll name it.
  • We’re making a very basic form here with no videos or images attached. This doesn’t imply you can’t do that. We’ll teach you how to do that in the next steps.

camp registration form

  • Post that, from the ‘All forms page’, click on your new form’s ‘Fields’ section to move to add fields.

registration form fields

You should land on this page. This is the window from where you need to add all fields. This page is the ‘Fields Manager’ page.

Steps for adding form fields

  • From the image above, you can refer to the ‘Fields Manager’ page to add all form fields.
  • All the fields should be added to the form from the ‘All fields’ section. You’ll find every field you’ll require here.

  • For instance, text, radio buttons, checkboxes, video links, images, etc. all exist in this category.
  • Just to glance at the good, here’s a snap of all the vast range of categories under the ‘Fields’ section that you can use. We’re building a basic and precise camp registration form here. However, we can’t use all these fields here.

registration magic form fields

registration magic form fields

  • Hence, to understand all functionalities better, you can try adding fields and then removing them as per your wish.

Step3: Adding fields to the form

Since the form we have here is a very basic and open one, we won’t make it extra refined. Therefore, we’ll create only a single sheet form. If needed, you can certainly create multipage forms simply through RegistrationMagic.

Let’s add fields to our form:

Just click on the ‘All Fields’ section and start clicking on the fields you’d like to add to your form. First, we’ll add all basic fields and label them before moving on to the others.

Once the fields are labeled, scroll down and click on the ‘Add to form’ option to save it to the form.

Basic Fields

  1. Email field comes as a default field in all RegistrationMagic forms. We won’t be able to remove it from any form hence, it is a mandatory field.
  2. The first name field exists in the form for the obvious reasons of getting the full name of the participant.
  3. We use the mobile number field to get the contact of the participant. You can modify this as per your reach specifications. This implies that you can use this field for international or local uses.

Advanced Fields

camp registration form fields

  • We use the rich text field to add some important descriptions or messages to the form. The participants won’t be able to respond to this text piece. It’s only for display purposes. We have implemented this field to put a description of the event.

  • The checkbox field avails multiple option selection-type questions. Here we have used it to confirm a single option only -if the candidate is booking a seat at the camp or not.
  • The text field shows a short text to be filled by the participant. Here the use of this is to ask for the membership ID order of the attendee.
  • We have used the radio button field to let the participants select any one session of the camp. Radio buttons help us select only one option, unlike the checkbox.

With that, we’ve added all-important and almost mandatory fields to our form. You can mark which categories are compulsory and which aren’t from the advanced fields settings themselves.

Additionally, you can also alter and beautify the visuals and aesthetics of your form as much as you want through RegistrationMagic.

Step4: Publishing the form

Go back to the ‘All forms’ section. Copy the shortcode of the form

Now move to the ‘Pages’ section of the website backend. Click on the ‘New page’ option

Add the main title of the form in the ‘Title’ section and paste the shortcode of the form in the ‘Main body’ of the page and click on ‘Publish’

With that, the full form publishing process is complete. However, if you want to add this to the main menu of your website, you can visit the ‘Appearance’ option on the website backend area and add this form to the menu and save it.


Frontend view of our camp registration form example

This is how your camp registration form example will appear to the participants on your website frontend.

camp registration form Registration Magiccamp registration form Registration Magic


Final Word

You can rely on RegistrationMagicin doing a great job for you. All you need to do is add the fields and rest assured, the plugin will ensure the smooth functioning of your form.

Try RegistrationMagic for Free.

Furthermore, RegistrationMagic is a plugin that mingles fully with the theme of your website with zero extra customization. Similarly, ProfileGridis the premium plugin that will help you manage the user profiles and also manage their memberships.

ProfileGrid assists you in creating groups for your future events through the information collected by RegistrationMagic.This plugin also allows all members to interact and socialize within the groups.

EventPrime is a plugin that can manage all your events, single-time and recurring, in one place. You can take bulk registrations, get live seats, passes, and tickets bookings all in one place with this plugin.


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