Expand your WordPress business theme with Customized User Registration Forms

Since the advent of WordPress, small businesses have benefitted hugely. The software allows businesses to create websites quicker than one would imagine. But its abilities are not limited to that. A WordPress business theme allows businesses to expand horizons through their professional feel. This fact applies to all areas of the business website.

The fundamental process of making a website on WordPress is very convenient and easy. One doesn’t have to have any pre-required knowledge of coding or web designing.

To be honest, that’s exactly why and where WordPress stole the spotlight. In addition, a WordPress business theme adds all the more charm to any website. Creative WordPress business themes are built and designed to fit the needs of any virtual business.

These themes essentially borrow the key elements from real-life businesses. These may include visual elements, checkout courtesy, billing, and many more.

It’s safe to say that any WordPress website without a creative WordPress business theme is unfinished. Above all, a WordPress business theme comes in a lot of varieties like much of their other services. There are free and premium beautiful WordPress themes for businesses that are easily available.

The best WordPress themes for business mostly consist of business WordPress premium themes. Although, it is to be noted that a lot of the free themes are also very promising. Check out some free and premium retail business themes on WordPress here.

But it is a matter that requires some thought as to how would one select the best theme for their business? Before we move on to the rest of the discussion, let’s discuss the main filters that assess the best WordPress business theme for you.

Qualities to look for in a good WordPress business theme

What qualities should be considered for business themes

Picking up the right business theme for your WordPress website can sure be tough. Although, once you start evaluating the underlying key traits of these beautiful WordPress themes for business, you’ll shape your decision better.

To help you make that very decision better, here’s a list of characteristics to look for before you select the right business theme for your WordPress website.

  1. The design: Make sure that the theme you pick has an extremely professional design. The overall layout of the business theme is very essential. If it has too many informal features in terms of aesthetics, let it go
  2. The slider: These days almost all business themes come along with smart sliders to show all business offerings in a carousel format. These sliders make sure that your audience is aesthetically attracted to your website. Thereby it ensures fewer bounce rates.
  3. Testimonial section: The feedback or testimonial section for the customers and visitors of the website is very essential. Although, it’s baffling to see how some of these themes still don’t have this section attached to their design by default. These are the kinds to avoid.
  4. Contact form approval system: This is the core area of discussion for our article. It’s very important that the business theme you select has a good contact form approval system. It turns away customers trying to contact you for grievances or other enquiries.
  5. Theme customizers and other options:  To stand above your competition, you must possess a business theme that can help you customize the look of your website anytime you want. Adding a theme like such is very helpful.

More criteria

  1. Variety in colour schemes: Just as mentioned earlier in the theme point, variety in colour options and different gradient schemes offer a really nice customization option. Colour schemes available for various segments of the websites are very necessary for proving the capabilities of your theme
  2. Builder support: WordPress websites that have strong business themes also come along with one or two builder options. These options help managers add buttons, CTAs, etc.
  3. Portfolio builders: A good theme can also be one that has a good and rather smart portfolio builder option for your business. It’s vital as before placing an order, customers would like to take a look at your past work. Hence, a good portfolio does the right job for you.
  4. Blog section: There has to be a good section for the readable and other important content pieces. The blog section is also one very important section in the WordPress business theme. It helps the readers and website visitors know your company’s real ideas, interests and principles.
  5. Support for the theme: Every single creative WordPress business theme should come in handy with its own support system. In the end, it’s a solution that you’re being provided with. Here’s a list of the top 9 handpicked business themes for WordPress websites.

Hopefully, this will help you choose your business theme on WordPress wisely.

Let’s quickly glance through the details of the user registration process and why it’s so significant to your WordPress business theme.


How can user registration grow your WordPress business themes?

How can user registration grow your WordPress business themes?

A user registration process simply helps you convert the visitors to your website to members of your online business. The user registration process is beneficial to both parties equally. To the business, it helps them get precious marketing data from users, first-hand. As for the registered users,  they are able to reap the benefits like offers and new launch notifications, newsletters, etc.

Notifications, text ads, and newsletters are popular and effective forms of content marketing. A user registration form collects the information that is sent through these mediums.

This form usually appears as a pop-up on brand websites, so visitors can register themselves. Alternatively, this form can appear as a drop-down on the website’s main menu too.

This data generally is limited to the website visitor’s primary personal details. In addition, it can gather their details on subjects that may be of benefit to the business only. Although this doesn’t happen very often.

What’s more

A user login registration form invites the businesses to explore a whole new side of personalized catering, be it general or niche. Businesses are able to connect with their customers on a personal level through customized ads.

This is not only advantageous in marketing terms but also good for customer relations. In the long run, this hyper-personalized marketing strategy helps build a loyal customer base keeping the quality of the content high.

Aside from widening the audience, a user registration form also assists immensely in the generation of leads. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what helps bring sales conversions at the end.

When utilized properly, the user registration process as a marketing tool and the client base built through a WordPress user registration form can assist the firm build something stable and irrepressible. That also develops the client’s trust in your business.

You can read in-depth about the many advantages of a user registration form and glance through the ultimate guide to create one here.


Customized user registration forms

There are free user registration form templates available everywhere on the web but does that make them good for you? No!

If you’re putting so much effort into getting the most beautiful WordPress themes for business, why not accentuate its features with a custom form design. One size doesn’t fit all and we understand that. This is where customized forms come to the rescue. You are free to add fields and design the form 100% as per your business requirements.

Some of the most renowned websites of the world are built through WordPress. Some of these websites are that of Sony Music, The New York Times, MTV News, TechCrunch, etc. These websites are able to excel registration process for their platforms for purposes like newsletter signups, webinar registrations, event registrations, etc. Do you think creating these forms is tough?

Designing these forms for your WordPress business theme is easier than you’d consider. All you need is to download the RegistrationMagic plugin from WordPress. This plugin is the most modern and versatile form builder plugin you’ll find on WordPress. From user registration forms to advanced integrations, RegistrationMagic is designed to ace the user registration management system.

What is the RegistrationMagic plugin capable of doing?

How to create an efficient Marriage Registration Form
What are the capabilities?

RegistrationMagic doesn’t just stop at creating forms. The potential of this form in expanding your current business theme and your marketing strategies thereby is uncountable. By the way, the plugin is compatible with all WordPress business themes.

We’ll now look at the various wonders RegistrationMagic can do, section by section.

Main Sections

  1. Forms Manager: The forms manager section helps you manage all the forms in one place. You are free to create as many forms as you wish to and this is the page where you can track them all. This segment also comes with a very creative ‘card view’ option that allows you to take an at-a-glance look at the form information. This feature comes with a built-in login system. For easy publishing of forms, this section provides easy shortcodes for all forms. You can sort forms out chronologically or alphabetically. In addition, you can also duplicate all forms for experimentation and rough work. This section is most useful for the admin and the editors of the website for managing all forms in one place.
  2. Custom Field: The custom field type helps you customize the form as per your expectations. The option allows for custom field types, custom CSS class attributes, custom labels, etc. The field comes with HelpText as a tooltip. You can duplicate any field or all fields with a single click. The field also comes in with 900+ Google Icons. This adds all the more utility to the business themes by offering versatile customizations to all forms.
  3. Form Submissions: The field gives an overall and individual look of all submissions made to the form chronologically. You can apply a field filter into this option and sort submissions accordingly. You can also download the submissions in PDF format. This helps the admin of the business take an easy look at the overall and specific submissions made to the website allowing room for improvement andalterations.

Additional options

  1. Form Analytics: As the name suggests, this segment helps you get all analytics of the visitors and registered users. This form analysis is done with an option that gives you pie charts and line graphs of a lot of areas. These areas may include geolocation, IP address, conversion rate, failure rate, average filling time and many more. This section serves the ultimate purpose of business theme expansion, the overall analysis of all forms. The admin of the website and the marketing team will be able to analyse the data collected through the forms easily.
  2. Products Section: This section helps you add products to your form for your business website. You’re not always taking registration from the form. Businesses a lot of the time are also selling products. This section lets you add products seamlessly.
  3. Email Users: The email users section helps you broadcast any message to all your form users in one go. You can use the mail merge option to personalise the messages. You can also instantly view the number of recipients for each mail.
  4. User Manager: The user manager field helps you in taking a quick view of all your registered users in a tabular form. You can activate or deactivate users, filter users, see submissions, see transactions, etc. by all users from here. The section essentially helps the admin take care of all users of the website from the same place. This adds more convenience to any WordPress business theme you have.
  5. User Roles: This field helps us create and assign roles to all users from WordPress categories. The users will inherit permissions from WordPress user roles. In easy words, these roles are connected to WordPress user roles of admin, editor, author, subscriber etc. This classification makes the user roles very clear.

The main section of the plugin comes with 2 additional features available only to the premium members. These two brilliant features are field analytics and attachment browser.

Global Settings

As the name itself suggests, these settings apply to all users globally.

  1. General Settings: General settings allow the managers to change layouts of the form, styling, allow attachment quantity, etc. It also allows room for sliding panels and the pop-up menu, etc. Essentially, this section deals with the overall functioning of the form. The admin gets the assistance in changing the aforementioned form settings as much as they wish to irrespective of the business theme.
  2. Security: Security settings help in Google reCaptcha support and also to set a limit of submission from a single device. The business theme and the entire registration process becomes more secure for the user with this setting.
  3. User Accounts: The user accounts option allows the user to autogenerate passwords. This further helps the admin of the website in sending the username and passwords to the registered users automatically.
  4. Email Notifications: The option helps in setting a recipient list. In addition, it allows for the SMTP Relay option for the manager of the business theme and the website.
  5. External Integration: This is where the magic happens. You can connect your forms with MailChimp and get your registered users signed up for your email newsletter directly. This option further allows users to log in using their Facebook accounts.
  6. Payment System: Considered to be one of the most important features of the RegistrationMagic plugin, the payment option allows for payment system and gateway integrations. This option for the free version allows for only PayPal integration, current definition, currency position, etc. For the premium users, the same option allows for Stripe and Offline payment integrations too.

Form Settings

Form settings are the options built for form configuration. These options include:

  1. Visual Form Editor: The option helps in editing the visuals of the form in all terms one can imagine. colour, padding, borders, radius, etc. The beautification of the form to match it to your business theme can be done from this section. It completely depends on the admin and the website theme to modify the form aesthetics accordingly.
  2. Accounts: This setting helps us create user roles with each form submission. This also allows for the registered user to log in automatically after registration.
  3. Post submissions: The option allows for sending confirmation messages after submissions are made. Custom success message, redirecting after submissions, autoresponder are all gifts of this option. This means that no one actually has to respond individually for submission confirmations, payment confirmations, etc.
  4. Limit: The limit option applies a limit to your form submissions based on date or number, as per your wish. You can also send a custom message to your user after submission. This affords the admin the authority to limit the submissions on every registration by either category.
  5. MailChimp: The MailChimp integration from the Registrationmagic plugin allows you to register your users as an email lead together with user registration itself. The segments add all the more utility to your business theme by allowing email newsletter signups to join with the user registration process itself. Hence, providing the business with a smart push.

For the premium members of the plugin, 2 additional features, namely Aweber and Access Control are unlocked.

Front End

  1. My Account: Enhanced with Gravatar image and admin specific area, this section is dedicated to the registered users solely. This way they can check all their account information in one place. If you already have a smartly configured business theme, then this is going to be an intelligent addition to the same on your website users’ part.
  2. My Submissions: This section allows the user to view their submissions, download a PDF of the same, browse submissions, etc. This helps the users get all their information pertaining to the website in one place.
  3. My Transactions: This section helps the user to view a chronological record of all their payments to your website at once.
  4. Magic Popup: This little icon on your website is a floating button with a slide-up menu for all options combined for quick view. The magic popup option allows the user to see all the brilliant things you have to showcase in a very organised form in one place. This is one option that should exist in all modern business themes for websites.

Is that all? Of course not!

This user registration plugin expands far beyond the above-mentioned features. Open for you to explore!

Final word

The RegistrationMagic plugin can be relied upon fully to do the best job for your WordPress business theme. This not only takes care of the user registration process for you but also provides smart options to modernize your business. You can create customer contact forms, business order forms and other business forms using this efficient plugin.

Your marketing, quality and growth strategies can reach a whole new level with the support of this all-rounder plugin.

Manage your user-registrations swiftly and seamlessly with RegistrationMagic.




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