How to frame a hassle-free online Gym Registration Form

What else could get tough aside from the long hard gym training sessions? Filling gym registration forms!

Anyone who has filled one of these forms will vouch that they are miles long.

No matter how essential the information collected through these forms is, they aren’t the simplest ones to fill. Entering such a load of information on paper forms is certainly not hassle-free.

But what if we offer a solution?

The solution is an online gym registration form. Replacing on-paper inconvenient processes with their off-paper online counterparts is an amazing modern-day solution. This is equally applicable in our scenario too.

Gym registration forms commonly cover detailed information of the client in either of the two formats:

  1. Single sheet basic forms
  2. Multi-sheet detailed forms

Small private gyms usually use the former while the latter is used extensively by fitness chains and bigger brands.


What essential information does an online gym registration form cover?

The gym management might want to get some basic details about you before allowing you admittance. These details range from personal to health and insurance to emergency.

These forms also intend on gathering details about the preferred timings, packages, and payment methods of the client. Some gyms might also prefer collecting attested medical documents for their clients.

This helps them understand their current health conditions before enrolling them in.

Collecting this data from the clients lets the gym have a fair idea about their current status in all terms. An online gym registration form allows additional benefits here in terms of uploading such documents easily and swiftly.

A fundamental online gym registration form usually contains:

  • General personal details : 

Like every registration form, a gym membership form also requires you to submit some basic details about yourself. These details include- full name, contact number, email address, residential address, occupation, and age.

These categories aim at collecting the details relating to the identification of the client.

  • Pre-membership health check :

Gyms are organizations whose sole purpose of existence revolves around health and fitness. This logic requires them to do a pre-admission health check for all their clients.

It’s mandatory as well as necessary. The gym utilizes this information in planning out the client’s diet and workout plan.

This is also important keeping in mind the fact that everyone’s requirement varies largely depending on their current health. Additionally, the gym also reserves a safe spot for itself by getting an advance declaration of any existing health conditions.

This category is easy to spot on a form as it usually includes a lot of checkboxes with all common bodily disorders mentioned along. The most common ones included in this category are heart disease, asthma, blood pressure, and arthritis.

Some additional ones that appear along are blackouts, epilepsy, fainting, dizziness, etc. These intend on knowing your current issues.

That doesn’t suffice all the time. The gym should also have a knowledge of your family health history. The gym team decides your diet and workout plan accordingly to avoid the repetition of genetic issues.

Another factor to consider is your past injuries. Keeping your past injuries in mind helps them to handle workout sessions delicately.

This section also enquires about your drinking and smoking habits and frequently you indulge in these. Operation and pregnancy-related information is also covered here.

Additional details collected through an online gym form include:

  • Insurance details :

Providing health insurance details at gyms hasn’t been made mandatory in most parts of the world. While it’s not compulsory, it’s important. Some gyms insist on collecting this information while others don’t.

Having this knowledge does provide the gym with some assurance and security.

  • Emergency contact details :

Emergency contact details of your ride or die are important! Jokes aside, this might also include your family doctor or a trusted general physician close by. In case of any health emergency, the management gets in touch with the emergency contact listed on the form.

  • Membership plan details :

This is usually a small text space that requires you to fill in your plan details as agreed. Gyms usually have bronze, silver, gold, or platinum plans to choose from.

While their titles might vary, their main structure in terms of price and others doesn’t. You select the one that fits your requirements and pocket the best and it in.

  • Terms and conditions :

The most common yet mandatory section of any form is the terms and conditions section. This might include a variety depending on the gym. It’s usually a small checkbox towards the end of the form.

  • Agreement signature :

Ultimately, after filling in all these details, you sign the form as a token of your final agreement.


How does an online registration form offer an edge over others?

An online registration form offers you numerous benefits over the on-paper forms. Let’s brush through them briefly, shall we?

  • Easy auto-fills and neat alterations
  • More secure than paper forms
  • Convenient document upload
  • Easy photo upload
  • Easy e-signature upload
  • Hassle-free storage of data for gyms
  • Automated notification sync for customers through the collected data
  • Quick process completion
  • Ecologically healthy


How to create an online gym registration form?

To create an efficient and user-friendly gym membership registration form, you must have a smart and tech-savvy plugin for your website. RegistrationMagic is without a doubt the best option to fashion a free online registration form for any purpose.

The plugin is not limited to just drafting forms but also aces the form management. It also shows you the form analytics through form cards and has an excellent application tracking system.

RegistrationMagic allows you to create hundreds of forms with unrestricted fields for your website. These forms may range from event registration to admission forms.

You are free to customize and alter the fields as per your requirements as many times as necessary. An online gym registration form is just one example of the wonders that this plugin can do.

Another great plugin to have is ProfileGrid memberships which essentially helps you to take registered user information to the next level. It’s a premium membership plugin that can create and manage profiles of your users, create communities for your upcoming and recurring events, and help users socialize within a group.

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Gym registration form sample

Since we know that most online gym registration forms are pretty basic and are easy to customize, therefore we have created a gym membership form sample for you bearing the same in mind.

The main motive behind providing this gym registration form sample is to give you a rough idea of the fields that can be inserted when you create your own form.

The fields used in this form are:

  • First name and Last name 
  • Email 
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • Occupation
  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Photo Upload
  • Signature Upload
  • Text areas to enter descriptive details

With that said, here is a basic sample of a single-page gym registration form-


online gym registration form sample

online gym registration form sample


This is a very simple online gym registration form that contains all the necessary fields relevant to gym management. However, in this article, we are going to guide you on how to create a multipage form.

A very basic difference between a single detailed form and a multipage form is that with multiple pages, the form is rather elaborate and can collect information more systematically.


Steps to create a multipage gym registration form

Step 1: Adding a new form using RegistrationMagic.

  • First, click on the RegistrationMagic plugin and click on “All Forms“.
  • Next, click on “New Form” for creating a new online gym registration form.

free online registration form

free online gym registration form

Step 2: Adding a new name for the form.

  • In the window that says “Create New Form“, add a title for your form.

gym registration form

  • Since we are creating a layout for people seeking gym memberships, name the form “Gym Registration Form“.
  • The next step is to save the name to create the form.

The next step is to add fields to the form. However, we will first go through the process of adding multiple pages and changing their labels. Why? Because once you form the pages and label them, you will have a clearer idea about putting the designated fields on various pages.

Step 3: How to add pages to the form and label them

  • Click on “Fields” on the form and a new window with a few default fields will open.

gym registration form fields

  • Similarly, on the left-hand panel of the fields window, click on the “New Page” option.
  • This will add a new page to your online gym registration form.
  • Now, repeat the same process of adding pages to the form till you make a detailed and well-structured form.

gym registration basic fields

Step 4: Add the fields to your gym registration form.

Since your form has multiple pages, that are now categorized, you can add fields to them.

  • Page 1: Primary Details

First name

The first name field, as the name suggests, is used to enter the first name of anyone filling this form.

Last name

Similarly, the last name field is used to fill the last name of anyone who is filling the form.

Radio button

The radio button is a field that allows a user to select only one option at a time. On this page, we have used a radio button to denote the “Gender” field.

In this. the client filling the form has to select their gender.

Number field

The number field here is used to add age.


Email is a field that you do not have to add to the form. There are a few fields that are already present in the layout by default. However, the option of keeping or removing the field lies entirely with you.

This field is used to document the official email ID of a client. Ideally, the email ID provided is used for any further communication with the client or to send notifications.

If the user is already registered on your website, then the email ID will be automatically detected by this field. In such a case, the applicant doesn’t have to re-enter the email and can move on further with other fields.


The address field is quite an elaborated field that contains all the information about a client’s current address. From required address lines to filling in county and zip codes, this field stores all the necessary fields.

The “Regular” format of this field allows the user to fill in their address details manually.

Moreover, the plugin is integrated with Google Maps and hence if you choose auto-detection of location by Google Maps, the address field will automatically detect the location of the client with its pinpointer.

There are a few things you will need to know more about this field

  1. The eye symbol denotes the visibility of the field, If the eye is crossed, the field will not be visible on the user-end.
  2. The checkbox next to “Required” under the field box determines whether you want a compulsory field or not. If the box is checked, a red “*” sign will be visible on the label of the field. Without filling in this information, the client cannot switch to another page on the form.
Mobile number

Mobile number is a field where a client provides their contact detail. This field can be synced with the country field present in the address field.

Syncing the contact with the country field will determine the country code automatically so that the process becomes easier at the user end.


The text area helps the client add a piece of small text information as required for the form. On this form page, the text area field is used to enter Occupation.

Text area

Text area helps the client to fill as much text as required of all sorts for completing the form and to add extra information.

  • Page 2: Health and Insurance

The fields used on this page of the form are all about the health condition and insurance of the client. The fields added to this page are Checkbox, Radio Button, Text Area, and Spacing.


Checkboxes are used to mark as many options out of the ones available as one requires. Here we have used checkboxes to mark one or multiple physical conditions that the client might have.


Spacing is an additional display field that can be added to forms between multiple text area boxes to avoid congestion of text.

  • Page 3: Documents

Document uploading plays a very important role in collecting information which is made super easy through an online gym registration form. The fields used on this page are:

File Upload

File upload is used for docs or PDFs. Here we have used it to get the client’s insurance, medical and other documents on the same lines. An online gym registration form makes this process convenient and hassle-free

Image Upload

As the name suggests, this field is used to upload client images in JPEG or PNG file formats. This also provides some additional file-type options for convenient photo upload. You can convert your picture to the required dimension and add it to the online gym registration form easily.

  • Page 4: Terms & Conditions and Signature

T&C Checkbox

Auto build option provided in the field section of forms for Terms and Conditions provides an easy implementation option of this very important field.


The E-Sign option which is already available in the fields section allows the client to upload their signature or sign the form on the mobile device itself.

Step 5: Pasting the shortcode and publishing your form.

  •  Moving on to the next step, which is to copy the shortcode of the form.
  • Copy the shortcode of the form.

  • Click on “Pages” and then click on “Add New”.

  • As the new page appears, add the title on the top and copy the shortcode on the main body.
  • Title your online gym registration form “Gym Registration Form”
  • Towards the right of your screen, a button to “Publish” is present. Click that.

This is how you create a multipage form and publish it on your website. Not only this but you can customize the form according to you. From changing the design and colour schemes to activating and deactivating user accounts, everything is in your control.


Gym Registration Form Sample

Primary details page

advanced gym registration form advanced gym registration form

Health and insurance page

advanced gym registration form advanced gym registration form

Documents submission page

advanced gym registration form

Terms and conditions pageadvanced gym registration form



The world indeed has shifted to digital platforms and CMS as they bring more efficiency and flexibility. Another important aspect of digital platforms is their enormous storage space and smart reach and engagement rate. Being efficiently in sync with SEO-friendly features and user compatibility is very much needed today.

Therefore, you can trust RegistrationMagic in doing the right job for you. All you have to do is add the fields and rest assured about the efficiency of your form. An online gym registration form is one of the hundreds of other forms that can be created through this plugin.

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