How to build a modern Customer Feedback Form using RegistrationMagic

Businesses today operate in a highly competitive landscape. Getting feedback from customers at regular intervals is highly important. Introducing a customer feedback form to your website helps provide an edge to your business.

It helps gain insights into a user’s response to your products and services. This response may be an appreciation or a criticism but either way, it’s valuable.

But a service/product feedback form in itself isn’t a brand new idea. In fact, not all customers pay heed to such feedback forms. So how do you create one that grasps their attention AND holds it? More importantly, can you make it leave a mark on their psyche?

Let’s look into all of these aspects in detail one by one.


What is a customer feedback form?

It is a way for the business to passively yet actively communicate with the clients. Actively being the frequency of feedbacks collected. These responses help you analyze your client’s understanding of the business. Thereby, giving you some authority to influence the viewpoint.

Firstly, if you’re looking forward to understanding your customer base fully, feedback is necessary. Secondly, it helps you improve your product or service quality through first-hand experiences, Finally, it’s probably one of the most economical methods of measuring customer satisfaction.

‘Listen to your customers!’, the saying goes. For instance, customers can share experiences, suggestions, requirements, and even new ideas. This practice indeed helps businesses see trends on what the public demands and much more.


Types of customer feedback form

Not every business wants to collect similar information from their clients. The kind of information your business requires influences the type of form you’ll create. There are two varieties to a customer feedback form:

Customer satisfaction survey: This survey aims at collecting information about the user’s overall experience. To know more about why a client was or wasn’t satisfied is the key goal. The most commonly appearing questions in this category are:

  • How was our hospitality/ sales team’s courtesy?
  • What product or services weren’t included?
  • Things that went wrong
  • Aspects that were good
  • What was satisfactory but could be improved?

User experience questionnaire: This questionnaire is generally used by software firms whose products are currently in use by client firms. They tend to collect information from time to time for concerns such as:

  • User-friendliness of the product
  • Smooth functioning
  • Fixing bugs
  • New suggestions and implementation, etc.


How significant is this practice in improving overall service delivery?

Aside from the ones we already mentioned, here are the advantages that customer feedback offers to your business in reducing service delivery gaps:

Primary Advantages

1. Improve the quality of your products and services: Customer feedback is very essential in getting to know the plus and minus of your products and services.

When you initially launch the product, your research supports you with predictive insights. But it’s only after the customer has tried the product that you’ll be able to see its actual performance.

Customer feedback helps a lot in improving the quality of an existing service/product. It also helps you understand past mistakes and reminds you to not repeat them again.

2. Measure customer satisfaction: A client feedback form helps you understand the level of satisfaction your customers are experiencing. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to business growth. What makes this aspect so special?

The customer satisfaction level is proportionate to customer brand loyalty. This brand loyalty in turn helps businesses increase their market share, conversion rates, and overall profitability.

Organically, the best method to find out whether or not you meet client expectations is by asking them.

3. Value customer opinion: Voicing your clients through feedback shows them that you care for them. In a way, if you’re valuing their opinion they start considering themselves as a part of the organization. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

When your business evolves using their involvement, it attaches them to your business and to the inclusive treatment.

The best-case scenario for this case brings you, new clients, through recommendation. Stand tall in the eyes of your existing customers and they bring in new ones.

Probably the cheapest way of acquiring more clients is through recommendations. And who exactly recommends it? A happy customer!

Additional Benefits

4. Enhance customer experience: A feedback form enriches the overall customer experience with your business. Current marketing trends heavily depend on customer experience. Your entire business can be judged just on the basis of such an experience.

People don’t just buy a brand’s products for the sake of it. They want to show association with your brand ideologies. The best way to make use of it is to curate an experience for them that makes them stay loyal to you only.

Obviously, the best way to provide a good experience at every touchpoint is to ask for feedback. Therefore, to get an edge over others in the business, set your customer service a class apart.

5. Improve retention rate: A good feedback form makes clients’ opinions feel valued. For the business, this feedback always helps keep a track of the pulse.

If the clients don’t like the experience that you create for them, they’ll find alternatives. Above all, your customer retention rate will get decreased. In addition, this reduces your overall profitability.

6. Feedback from one customer is reliable to others: The business can use reviews from the feedback form filled by clients as testimonials. Testimonials are one of the most reliable sources of feedback for new customers.

A customer review system is very essential in the overall functioning of the business. Making sure that poor service or product quality is eliminated from the business, helps it go a long way.

Therefore, keeping an organized track of all customer feedback and making a portfolio of them is a good practice.

Most important of all

7. Feedback data helps make business decisions: Customers are the ultimate source of business income.

The feedback provided by customers helps businesses add, subtract and hence, change. Change is a crucial part of a business cycle. The reviews given by customers are the guiding force of business decisions.

These reviews assist in the direction and scale of change required for the company.

You can read more about why customer feedback is important and the many ways to get it here.

As far as our opinion is concerned, we still find feedback forms to be the best medium of review collection. Once created on your website, you can insert the link of these forms on any number of platforms. Hence, that’s what we’ll talk about.


How to create an engaging customer feedback form?

There’s a difference between creating an old-fashioned, ultra-long feedback form and a modern, crisp customer review form. Remember, customers, aren’t liable to leave you feedback. If they are choosing to do so, make the form worth their while.

A feedback form holds some level of power to influence the consumer psyche. Implement the below-mentioned points while creating a customer feedback form:

  • Keep it short: No customer likes a detailed feedback form no matter how much they loved your product/ service. Keep the form crisp and to the point.
  • The simpler the better: Keep the form short AND simple. The more the number of questions the more intimidating the form gets for the customers. Wouldn’t you exit such a form even before finishing half of it? Also, pay attention to the way you ask them these questions.
  • Create a seamless feedback experience: Create a feedback form on your WordPress website and use insert the link to it on your most used platform. If it’s an app, use it on the app. If it’s through WhatsApp or email, then use the link there.
  • Have consistent rating scales: Rating scales of the same range for multiple categories are probably the easiest to fill. This is the most used option for a reason. It’s because these kinds of forms get the most submissions.
  • Personalize the form: Add a personal touch to the form by using some known information about the customer. For instance, for a food delivery app, you can ask “Hey foodie! Do you mind helping other foodie pals out through your rating on XYZ restaurant?” for their recent order.


How to create a customer feedback form for your WordPress website?

RegistrationMagic allows you to create hundreds of forms with unrestricted fields for your website. These forms may range from event registration to admission forms.

You are free to customize and alter the fields as per your requirements as many times as necessary.

Additionally, RegistrationMagic delivers numerous extra features for form creation. These include :

  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Form Card view with at-a-glance information of participants
  • Quick form creator
  • Built-in login system
  • Submission counter on form card
  • Default form selector
  • Shortcode system for forms
  • Submissions Dashboard Widget
  • Submissions under User profile
  • Sort form cards
  • Duplicate forms
  • Broadcast email messages to all users plus personalize messages
  • Quick view of recipients for each form
  • Customization of forms on various categories and many more.

Another great plugin to have is ProfileGrid memberships. This essentially helps you to take registered user information to the next level. It’s a premium membership plugin that can create and manage profiles of your users.

Additionally, it can create communities for your upcoming and recurring events. It also helps users socialize within a group.

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  1. A website based on WordPress: Click here to start with WordPress.
  2. Free RegistrationMagic plugin: Download/ Install from here.
  3. Premium RegistrationMagic plugin (optional but preferred): For enabling more hyper-personalized advanced features.


Demonstrative guide to creating the feedback form using RegistrationMagic

Fundamental steps for form creation:

Step 1: Adding a new form using RegistrationMagic.

  • Firstly, click on the RegistrationMagic plugin and click on “All Forms“.
  • Next, click on “New Form” for creating a new customer feedback form.

customer feedback form

Step 2: Adding a new name for the form.

  • In the window that says “Create New Form“, add a title for your form.
  • Since we’re creating a customer feedback form, that’s what we’ll name it. For reference, we’ll take the example of the feedback form for a restaurant projected on the restaurant website or sent through a message link to the customer.
  • We’re fashioning a very basic form here with no videos or images attached. This doesn’t mean you can’t do that. We’ll tell you how to do that in the coming steps.

customer feedback form

Here we have checked the box saying “turn off user registration for this form” because this is a feedback form and not a registration form. This feature allows you to collect reviews as usual. Although, the participants of the feedback process won’t be able to login directly to your website after filling this form unlike in a registration form.

  • After that, from the ‘All forms page’, click on your new form’s ‘Fields’ section to proceed to add fields

customer feedback form fields

You’ll land on this page. This is the page from where you need to add all fields. This page is called the ‘Fields Manager’ page.

Steps for adding form fields

  • From the above image, you can refer to the ‘Fields Manager’ page for adding all form fields.
  • All the fields are to be added to the form from the ‘All fields’ section. You’ll find every single field you’ll require here.

  • For instance, text, radio buttons, checkboxes, video links, images, etc. all lie under this category.
  • Just to gander at the good, here’s a glimpse of all the vast range of categories under the ‘Fields’ section that you can use. We’re creating a basic and precise customer feedback form here. However, we won’t make use of all these fields.

registration magic form fields

registration magic form fields

  • Therefore, to understand all functionalities better, you can try adding fields and then deleting them as per your wish.

Step3: Adding fields to the form

Since the form we have in mind is a very basic and open one, we won’t make it extra refined. Therefore, we’ll add only a single sheet to the form. If need be, you can always create multipage forms easily through RegistrationMagic.

 Let’s start adding fields to our form:

Just go to the ‘All Fields’ section and start clicking on the fields you’d like to add to your form. We’ll first add all basic fields and label them before moving on to the others.

Once a field is labelled, scroll down and click on the ‘Add to form’ option to add it to the form.

Basic Fields

  1. Email field is a default field in all RegistrationMagic forms. We can’t remove it from any form and is a mandatory field.
  2. The first and last name fields are two different fields added to the form for the obvious reasons of getting the full name of the participant.
  3. We use the mobile number category to get the contact number of the person. You can customize this according to your reach specifications. This means you can add this field for international or local purposes.

Advanced Fields

  1. The rating field signifies the number of stars we want to give for feedback. This is the most common field in any feedback form. Here we have used this field to get ratings on food taste, quantity, hygiene, recommendation, etc.
  2. The checkbox field implies multiple option selection-based questions. Here we have used it to ask the customer which all things they love at the restaurant- food/hygiene/music/ambiance/location, etc.
  3. The text area field is used to get additional comments from the customers, to add extra text.

With that, we’ve added all necessary fields to our form. You can mark which fields are compulsory and which aren’t from the fields settings themselves.

Additionally, you can also change the visuals and aesthetics of your form as much as you want through RegistrationMagic.

Step4: Publishing the form

Copy the shortcode to a new page

Go back to the ‘All forms’ section. Copy the shortcode of the form

Now go to the ‘Pages’ section of the website backend. Click on ‘New page’

Add the actual title of your form in the ‘Title’ section and paste the shortcode in the ‘Main body’ of the page and click on ‘Publish’

With that, the entire form publishing process is complete. Although, if you wish to add this to the main menu of your website, you can go to the ‘Appearance’ option on the website backend options and add this form to the menu and save it.


Frontend view of a customer feedback form sample

This is how your form will appear to the participants on your website frontend.

customer feedback form customer feedback form



The Bottom Line

You can trust RegistrationMagic in doing the right job for you. All you have to do is add the fields and rest assured about the efficiency of your form.

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