How to Create a Smart Job Application Form Using RegistrationMagic

Online job application forms are one of the simplest, yet easy to draft forms. With few relevant fields and a well-structured layout, anyone can ace the design and usability of the form. However, to draft a simple job application form is a skill all can master. If you want to know how, stay tuned to this guide.

Basic job application forms contain detailed fields and are available in two very simple formats,

  1. Single page detailed layout
  2. Multipage form layout

What are the necessary details in a job application form?

  • Personal details like the first name, last name, contact number, address, etc.

Personal details are usually kept on the very first page of a job application form. It’s because these fields provide the employer with a rough fundamental idea about the candidate. Also, these details are used for several authentication purposes.

  • Educational qualifications of a candidate.

The educational qualification helps the employer decide which position is best suited for a candidate based on their educational background. However, the selection process of a candidate is not entirely based on the information available in the application.

  • Professional qualification and past experiences.

This information helps an employer to determine the type of work an applicant is capable of doing. It also gives information about the companies an applicant has worked with and the duration of the experience that they carry.


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Job application form sample

Since we know that online applications for jobs do not have complex fields, they are pretty basic and are easy to customize, therefore we have created a job application form sample for you keeping the same in mind.

The motive behind creating this job application form sample is to give you a rough idea of the fields that can be useful when you create your own forms.

The fields used in this form are:

  • First name and Last name 
  • Email 
  • Mobile Number
  • Address
  • Qualification details using the dropdown 
  • Text areas to enter descriptive details

With that being said, here is a basic template of a job application form.

sample job application form


This is a very simple job application form that contains all the necessary fields relevant to an employer. However, in this article, we are going to guide you on how to create a multipage form.

A very basic difference between a single detailed form and a multipage form is that, with multiple pages, the form is rather elaborate and can collect information more systematically.

Steps to create a multipage job application form

Step 1: Adding a new form using RegistrationMagic.

  • First, click on the RegistrationMagic plugin and click on “All Forms“.
  • Next, click on “New Form” for creating a new job application form.

Create Job Application Form


Step 2: Adding a new name for the form.

  • In the window that says “Create New Form“, add a title for your form.

Job Application Form Title

  • Since we are creating a layout for people seeking jobs, name the form as “Job Application Form“.
  • The next step is to save the name to create the form.

The next step is to add fields to the form. However, we will first go through the process of adding multiple pages and changing their labels. Why? Because once you create the pages and label them, you will have a clear picture about putting the designated fields on different pages.

Step 3: How to add pages to the form and label them

  • Click on “Fields” on the form and a new window with few default fields will open.

  • On top of those fields, click on “Rename Page“.

  • A window will appear at the top of the page. In this window, type a name for the first page of your form.

  • Similarly, on the left-hand panel of the fields window, click on the “New Page” option.

  • This will add a new page to your job application form.
  • Now, repeat the same process of adding pages to the form till you make a detailed and well-structured form.

Step 4: Adding the fields in your job application form.

Since your form has multiple pages, that are now categorized, you can add fields to them.

  • Page 1: General Details

Multipage job application form

First Name

The first name field, as the name suggests, is used to enter the first name of anyone filling this form.

Last Name

Similarly, the last name field is used to fill the last name of anyone who is filling the form.

Radio Button

The radio button is a field that allows a user to select only one option at a time. On this page, we have used a radio button to denote the “Gender” field.

In this. the candidate filling the form to apply for a job has to select their gender.


DOB is a pre-existing field in RegistrationMagic. This is not the same as the “Date” field that we will discuss furthermore in this article.

It is a very common field in every form because of its relevance for many verifications and authentication processes.

To fill this field, a user has to use the standard format for filling DOB, i.e, DD/MM/YYY. However, this has to be done manually using a “/” to separate the date, month, and year of birth.


Email is a field that you do not have to add to the form. There are few fields that are already present in the layout by default. However, the option of keeping or removing the field lies entirely with you.

This field is used to document the official email ID of an applicant. Ideally, the email ID provided in the job application is used for any further communication with the candidate.

If the user is already registered on your website, then the email ID will be automatically detected by this field. In such a case, the applicant doesn’t have to re-enter the email and can move on further with other fields.


The address field is quite an elaborated field that contains all the information about an applicant’s current address. From required address lines to filling in county and zip codes, this field stores all the necessary fields.

The “Regular” format of this field allows the user to fill in their address details manually.

Moreover, the plugin is integrated with Google Maps and hence if you choose auto-detection of location by Google Maps, the address field will automatically detect the location of the applicant with its pinpointer.

There are few things you will need to know more about this field

  1. The eye symbol denotes the visibility of the field, If the eye is crossed, the field will not be visible on the user-end.
  2. The checkbox next to “Required” under the field box determines whether you want a compulsory field or not. If the box is checked, a red “*” sign will be visible on the label of the field. Without filling in this information, the applicant cannot switch to another page on the form.
Mobile Number

Mobile number is a field where an applicant provides their contact detail. This field can be synced with the country field present in the address field.

Syncing the contact with the country field will determine the country code automatically so that the process becomes easier at the user end.

  • Page 2: Education

Educational qualification for job


The text field in this form is given for typing the educational board’s name. This is exactly why a text field is used for.

In this field, the text can be of only one line. Therefore, the field holds information with limited characters.


Remember the DOB field we talked about earlier? The date field is different from that. How? when a candidate clicks on the “Date” field, a calendar appears. Unlike the DOB field, the applicant can set the date, month, and year using the calendar.

Radio Button

The radio button used on this page is to determine whether the candidate has an awaited result for their undergraduate degree.

The applicant has to choose between the two options provided in the form.


The spacing field is used to insert space between two fields. It is not visible in the user-end as a separate field, however, the spaces between the fields will be visible.

  • Page 3: Previous Experience

Previous job experience

Drop Down

The dropdown field allows the applicant to select one option from the dropdown menu. The options for the said labels are only visible when the candidate clicks on the field with a dropdown menu.

On this page, the dropdown menu is given to document the highest qualification a candidate holds.

Text Area

The text area allows the person to enter information in bulk. The candidates can write more than 100 characters in this field.

This is given to add a summary of their professional experience.

  • Page 4: Resume And Official Social Media Handles

Social media handles for job application

File Upload

The file upload field allows a candidate to upload any file as requested by the employer. It is on you (admin) to decide which file format is allowed for a candidate to post.

Ideally, a resume is in a PDF format, and hence it is the same for this job application form.


This field is added for the applicant to link their official facebook ID if they wish to showcase any extracurricular skill to the employer.


LinkedIn, as we all know is one of the top platforms for people looking for jobs. For an applicant, linking their LinkedIn profile is the best way to showcase their professional skills and experiences.


The Skype ID, in this form, is solely for communication purposes. Similarly, you can put any social media field on your online job application form.

  • Page 5: Acknowledgements

Job terms and conditions

T&C Checkbox

The T&C checkbox is used to specify the terms and conditions to which the applicant has to click on the box next to a declaration sentence.

Step 5: Pasting the shortcode and publishing your form.

  •  Moving on to the next step, which is to copy the shortcode of the form.
  • Copy the shortcode of the form.

  • Click on “Pages” and then click on “Add New”.

  • As the new page appears, add the title on the top and copy the shortcode on the main body.
  • Towards the right of your screen, a button to “Publish” is present. Click that.

This is how you create a multipage form and publish it on your website. Not only this but you can customize the form according to you. From changing the design and color schemes to activating and deactivating user accounts, everything is in your control.

This is how the form looks at the user end.

Job application form overview


The world indeed has shifted to digital platforms as they bring more efficiency and flexibility. Another important aspect of a digital platform is its enormous storage space. The thing with online job application forms is that they are not limited to few people. They are available for everyone on the internet.

Having efficient sync with SEO-friendly features and user compatibility is the need of the hour. Therefore, you can trust RegistrationMagic in doing the right job for you. All you have to do is add the fields and rest assured about the efficiency of your form.

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