How to build a seamless School Registration Form through RegistrationMagic

The world has seen massive changes in technology and its implementation over the last decade. These changes are not just about smartphones or smart cars. From the inner workings of an airplane to a simple school registration form, nothing is the same as it was a decade ago.

Products and services today are taking a new and scientifically advanced turn for the better. This shows how modern smart tech tools are creating a better world for us.

In this article, you will learn what a school registration form is. We’ll also brush up on what it is used for and why you should choose an online school registration form over other methods. Finally, we’ll learn together the best way to create one.

Let us go in-depth to understand the what, why, and how before we take a look at the how-to section.

What is school registration?

In order to attend a school, a student must first go through a process that is essentially a core part of education administration. Here they must provide the school with some mandatory personal information for identification and background checks. This process is called the school registration process. This process is also required for counseling, registration control, verification, etc.

What is a school registration form?

Basically, a school registration form is a paper or online instrument that is used to collect basic and detailed information about the students who want to be enrolled in the institution for educational purposes. Usually, it contains various clearly divided segments. In these categories, the students can fill in their details.

What is a school registration form used for?

In order for an institution to admit a student in its classroom, it requires basic enrollment information from the student. This data includes general identification, educational background, contact details. The school also needs to collect supporting documents for the same. Some instances where such a form can be used in real-time are :

  • online registration forms for school admissions
  • registration forms for summer school
  • school club registration forms
  • school committee registration forms, etc.

How is an online school registration form different and more beneficial?

There are always critics who harp on the benefits of online school registration forms. As proponents of digitization, we give you some solid reasons why the school registration process should be made online once and for all.

Speed and convenience:

One very obvious advantage of detailed online school registration over traditional paper registration is convenience. Convenience here is a category that includes speed, time, and money.

Students can register from the comfort of their location without spending their hard-earned money on unnecessary transportation. This process can be completed without having to stand in queues too

Why such a widespread and rapid shift from what was once such an important part of our lives? Obviously, there’s the convenience factor. There are also cost and time benefits that almost all digital services offer in one way or another.

Speaking of reducing queues outside public places: The long and tedious queues to register for schools and colleges have reached their age, well almost. Who would not vouch for the “long and tedious” part?

On-the-spot confirmation:

With paper registration forms, it was difficult for examiners to point out errors or corrections in the forms amidst the crowd and rush. This left the final decision on form confirmation due indefinitely. Even after the tedious and lengthy process, the end result was far from satisfactory.

Online registration forms bypass this problem completely. These forms immediately alert you of the mandatory fields and the incorrect format of the details. Quick verification in online registration forms provides instant confirmation.

Updates and renewals on a real-time basis:

It is very convenient for institutions to receive individual and bulk updates as soon as their online registration form is filled. This way, they can keep track of all this information and updates. Speaking of updates: Online registration forms are also very easy to work with compared to paper forms.

One evident reason behind this is to do with the fact that they get updated on a real-time basis. This reduces the time and physical efforts of the management authorities.

Additional Benefits –

Environmentally friendly:

The entire digital registration process literally saves a lot of paper that is wasted on collecting information. Just like registration itself, digital registration is the first step towards a paperless society.

The three aforementioned convenience factors were far from met in this case. The physical paper application process has hurt the ecosystem enough now. Papers come in, papers go out, papers get recycled – but no one wants to use them.

Fresh papers come back in, and the same vicious, ecologically toxic cycle of cutting down trees for fresh papers starts all over again. Our alternative might not be successful in curbing all environmental issues. Although, online registration forms, in general, go a long way in improving this situation.

Eliminating language barriers:

Many digital registration forms allow you to change the language of the form before you fill it out. This makes them accessible to everyone worldwide. While this is a benefit, it is very subjective from organization to organization depending on their needs.

How to create a digital school registration form?

Out of the tens of ways to create a digital school form, there is only a handful that’ll meet your needs and specifications. Out of that handful of options, you need to find the best one, why? Because there’s a fine line between creating an ordinary form and creating a good one.

One that is user-friendly, versatile in categories, flexible, and is easy for your backend management is considered good. All this can be achieved without compromising on its excellent data collection abilities with the right tool. RegistrationMagic is one such WordPress plugin that helps you make richly structured school registration forms.

Additionally, RegistrationMagic delivers numerous extra features for School Form creation. These include :

  • Create Unlimited Forms
  • Form Card view with at-a-glance information of participants
  • Quick form creator
  • Built-in login system
  • Submission counter on form card
  • Default form selector
  • Shortcode system for forms
  • Submissions Dashboard Widget
  • Submissions under User profile
  • Sort form cards
  • Duplicate forms
  • Broadcast email messages to all users plus personalize messages
  • Quick view of recipients for each form
  • Customization of forms on various categories and many more.

The RegistrationMagic process to create school forms

A simple guide to build it
  1. A website based on WordPress: Click here to start with WordPress.
  2. Free RegistrationMagic plugin: Download/ Install from here.
  3. Premium RegistrationMagic plugin (optional): For enabling more hyper-personalized advanced features.

For the sake of better understanding, we will focus on adding only the important fields to our event registration form. You can further customize the form as per your requirements.

Some mandatory fields:
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Student Image
  4. Birth Date
  5. Gender
  6. Name Of The Course
  7. Email
  8. Address

RegistrationMagic provides multiple customizable options to make the form more advanced and rich in features. Here is a detailed look at The RegistrationMagic process of creating School Registration Forms:

Steps for building the form

Step 1: From the dashboard, click on the RegistrationMagic option.

RegistrationMagic - all forms

Step 2: Click on the New Form option to create an online event registration form.

  • Give a name to your form.

For example, we have named it School Registration Form and clicked on Save.

School Registration Form- RegistrationMagic

  • Your registration form is successfully created.
Adding key fields:

Step 3: Hover your cursor over the new form that you created and click on Fields. 

  • From the Fields Manager page, click on Add Field to add new fields that you need for your form.

school registration form fields


  • You can add any field just by clicking on the required fields.

School registration fields

  • First Name: 
  • Add the First Name field by clicking the First name on the Fields page. This option can be used to gather the first name of the attendees or participants. After clicking on the First Name field you can label the field. For example, we will name it the First Name

  • Last Name: Add the Last Name field by clicking the Last Name on the Fields page. This option can be used to gather the last name of the participants.

  •  Student Image Upload:

Add the Image Upload field by clicking the Image Upload on the fields page.

Label it Student Image Upload


  •  Birth Date

Add the Birth Date field by clicking the Birth Date on the fields page.


Adding special fields:

Step 4: Next, let’s add the radio button.

Select the Radio Button field from the fields list.

  • Add Label for the Radio Button 
  • For example, we will name it Gender

  •  Name of the Course

Add the Custom field by clicking the Custom Field on the fields page.

Label it Course Name

  •  Email

Add the Email field by clicking the Email on the fields page.

  • Address: Add the address field by clicking on the Address field option. Label the field as per your requirements. For example, we will name it Address. Here, there are two options:
    • Option 1: Use traditional address boxes
    • Option 2: Use Google Maps auto-fill.

    You can select any one and click on Add to form.


  • Previous Academic Certificates & Mark sheets

Add File Upload by clicking the File Upload on the fields page.

Label it as Previous Academic Certificates & Mark sheets

The students and parents will upload the required documents through this field.


All the added fields: 

Adding new form page:

  • To add an extra page in the form tap on the New Page option.

Customize and finalize:

Step 5: Customization option

You can easily customize your form by clicking on the Design option.

Step 6: Copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere you want, we will paste it on the new page

  • Go to Pages and select New Page

  • Paste the Shortcode on the New Page Body 
  • Click Publish



School Registration Form – Final Preview


Once this process is finished, you can choose to add this form on the front end of your website if you wish to. You can also let it remain as a sub-heading for any category you wish to put it under.

You can create:

  • online registration forms for school admissions
  • registration forms for summer school
  • school club registration forms
  • school committee registration forms, etc. in the exact same manner.


So, instead of using paper-based registration, you can use an advanced registration system like RegistrationMagic. It will create and recreate in a matter of minutes, school registration forms, and many others as per your preferences.

In a Nutshell, online form creations are highly easy, customizable, and worth giving a try for a lot of strong reasons. More importantly, it’s the need of the hour if you want to adapt to changes.

Event Prime: One-Plugin for all events

Another plugin that can help in a school event and cultural programs or any event purpose is Event Prime. It is an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly WordPress Events Calendar plugin. Moreover, it creates events with a single click. And above all, it also creates free as well as paid Events by enabling Bookings from Event Settings.

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Profile Grid: Profile Making brought a class ahead

Another seed of the same sack is ProfileGrid, a power-packed user profile, membership, social groups, and directory plugin. While ProfileGrid is fundamentally a user profile builder, it also offers dynamic additions such as User Groups.

Furthermore, it creates frontend user profiles, groups, communities, paid memberships, and directories. It also creates WooCommerce user-profiles and bbPress profiles.

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So try up!


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