How to Create Survey Forms Online in WordPress?

Create survey forms online to gain the user data you are missing.

Survey forms enable you to collect data related to your users’ experiences, preferences, wants, and needs. You can use this data as feedback and improve your products, services, or websites.

A survey form is a simple feedback questionnaire that can help you improve, update, upgrade or eliminate the things to which your users do not respond well.

To create survey forms online you can use RegistrationMagic.



Highlights of RegistrationMagic

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RegistrationMagic is a powerful and feature-rich WordPress form plugin. This WordPress form builder plugin enables you to create any type of survey form. You can add custom fields, attachments, and more to your forms using this plugin.

A few highlights of this form builder plugin:

  • Create unlimited forms with this form builder plugin in WordPress.
  • Analyze forms through graphs, charts, and numbers.
  • It is completely interactive.
  • Create custom fields in your survey forms.
  • Send an email to multiple users.
  • Integrated with Aweber and MailChimp for extended functionalities.
  • Utilize MagicPopUp to create a quick go-to option.

You can explore all the features of this WordPress survey form plugin here.

Why RegistrationMagic is the best solution to create survey forms online?

Magic Popup Ext.

The Magic Popup extension is an innovative front-end system that you can add to your website. It enables you to add popup survey forms, user registration details, and more. This extension can come in handy for a quick survey.

Token System Ext.

This extension automatically generates unique token numbers for each form submission. This can help you segregate the submissions based on your needs. It also eliminates any chances of mixing the submissions with the same name or other details.

Field Analytics Ext.

With the field analytics extension, you can analyze each and every field on your survey form. You can see which fields are performing better and which fields are being disregarded by the users. Based on the field report you can collect high-value intel regarding your survey.

Multi-Page Form Ext.

The multi-page form extension allows you to convert your one-page forms into multi-page forms. This extension can be extremely helpful for creating intensive surveys. You can add a different set of questions for each page and create a multi-page survey form.

56 Field Types package

RegistrationMagic comes with a 56 Field types package that includes 56 different types of pre-designed fields for your forms. You can add multiple-choice questions, questions with a text field, and much more. With this extension, you can make your survey form even more versatile and detailed.

How to create survey forms online?

To create survey forms online, download and install the plugin on your WordPress website. To download the plugin for free click the link below.

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Once the plugin is installed and activated, follow the steps below.

Step1: Find RegistrationMagic on the left menu bar of your Dashboard and click on ‘All Forms.’

lead generation forms

Step2: Click on ‘New Form’ to create a new survey form.

lead generation forms

Step3: Add a name for the form and if you wish to register users through this form you can keep this box unchecked.

create survey forms online

Step4: Once you save, a form will be created on your All Forms page.

create survey forms online

Step5: Now click on ‘Fields’ to add custom fields to your form.

create online survey forms

Step6: Click on ‘Add Fields’ to add new fields.

create survey forms online

Step7: Here you can add multiple fields to your survey forms such as name, age, gender, email, number, and more.

survey forms

Step8: Now add another field by clicking on ‘Radio Button’ to add questions for your survey form.

online survey form

Step9: Add your questions to the label and add the options below.

online survey form

Step10: Once you have added all the questions, save the form and copy the form code from your Forms dashboard.

create survey forms online

Step11: Now click on ‘Pages’ and ‘Add New’ to publish the survey form.

create survey forms online

Step12: Add a page name and paste the form code in the text box. Publish the page to create survey forms online.

create survey forms online

Frontend example of a Survey form

Example 1: Here is another online survey form by an advertisement company with multiple custom fields:

Similarly, you can customize and create unlimited survey forms for your website.

Summing Up

Survey forms are an effective strategy to understand what your users think. You can create a webinar survey form, online questionnaire form, community survey form, inquiry form, and more.

And RegistrationMagic can help you create survey forms online without any hassle and take user feedback.

You can also purchase the Metabundle, containing all premium versions of EventPrime, RegistrationMagic, and ProfileGrid plugins. Together it will give you the power to create and manage forms, organize events, and develop online communities and forums.

In case of any issue, comment below or reach us for a resolution.

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