Best 5 Restaurant Menu plugins in WordPress [Recommended]

Top 5 Restaurant Menu Plugins in WordPress

Are you looking forward to driving a venture where eateries and restaurants would serve a lot of purposes? No worries, here is our top restaurant menu plugins in WordPress.

Restaurant Menu plugins in WordPress


Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

If you are looking for a scalable restaurant menu plugin, then ‘Restaurant Menu by Motopress’ is the perfect plugin. Embedded with countless menus for restaurants you can also include ingredients for menu items. You can even incorporate the size, weight, and volume of the menu item.

With this plugin, one can add nourishing details with fat, calories, carbohydrates and cholesterol. The integration of an eCommerce plugin helps in selling food and drink online.

With a huge number of shortcodes, this plugin is easy to use.  With great features and performance, this plugin deserves a place on the list of best 5 restaurant menu plugins.

Food and Drink Menu

This is one of the well-acclaimed restaurant menu plugins in WordPress. Food and Drink Menu comes with inbuilt styles like that of a restaurant website. This plugin is a great tool for restaurant owners who are not technically adept.

With this plugin, each menu has various sections namely desserts, appetizers and normal food and drinks. It also aids you in filling the menu with details specifying the sides of your order.

Every page of the menu has a decent framework where your platters will include their own thumbnails and characterizations.

It’s platform independent feature gives it a real boost since you can browse on mobile phones as well.

The custom widgets would even help you implant your menu onto your sidebar. This is quite convenient for eateries presenting something like “meal of the day”.

Quick Restaurant Menu

This plugin can assist you in the creation of cafe menus, bar menus, and restaurant menus. You can create simple customize menus and place them in categories according to your requirement.

The menu can be rearranged just by dragging and dropping. This makes the task simpler.

A noteworthy feature includes the portrayal of a different menu every day with a special meal for each day. This is even integrated with time. Suppose your customer visits your website during lunch, he will automatically get the lunch menu.

This plugin has a quite responsive view and is platform-independent making it mobile-friendly. Menus depend on the time of the day. This highly customizable, effective and robust interface of this plugin makes it stand out as one of the best ever,


As the name suggests, this restaurant menu plugin is completely dedicated to Pizza sellers. Besides creating a pizza website, you can incorporate this plugin to do a lot of various other things.

No other plugin is as technical as WPPizza. Any eateries which take reservations, provide home-delivery facilities or accept online orders can benefit with WPPizza plugin.

With WPPizza plugin, you can track orders, relish a sales reporting control panel and assign specific delivery dates. You can also create online menus, incorporate numerous payment portals and provide features in abundance. Not only that, you can also provide coupon codes and manage your orders keeping a track of the time.

With a value for money plugin such as WPPizza, your website will flourish like no one else.

TLP Food Menu

This is again another good example for one of the best restaurant menu plugins in WordPress. With TLP Food Menu one can add names, descriptions, prices, and pictures for food items.

Shortcodes are available. These shortcodes will help showcase food items with single or multiple categories. You can also incorporate them while showcasing your food menu on your posts and pages. You can now relish the option of choosing the currency and creating personalized meta fields. It also holds a custom CSS option.

With uncountable shortcodes and a widget-ready platform, TLP Food Menu makes a mark on our list.

Our Recommendation

All these 5 restaurant menu plugins in WordPress are widely used by top-grossing websites all over the world. However, we would recommend you to go ahead with Food and Drink Menu. This restaurant menu plugin is feature rich, with great future prospect.

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