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How to accept payment on your WordPress site with PayPal (For Free!)

Many WordPress admins want to create paid registration system on their sites, to accept registration form payment. This can be useful for private tutors, schools, camp organizers, fundraisers etc. RegistrationMagic, a free WordPress registration plugin with PayPal, makes it very easy to accept payments on your WordPress site or blog, when users register for new account.

This article is outdated and has been replaced by Registration Form Payments Guide, available here: Payments Guide: Setup payments on Registration form using Products

You just have to understand how “Price Fields” work inside RegistrationMagic and you are all set! So let’s start the tutorial.

Before we begin, I assume you already have your form set up. If not, please refer to our knowledge base to learn setting up basic forms inside RegistrationMagic. Once you have clicked “Registrations” tab in dashboard’s left menu, you will see all sub-items listed underneath it. You will need to click “Price Fields”.

If you have not yet created any price fields, the area will look something like this.

This is where all your price fields are saved. This is quite similar to product creation. You have to decide what kind of pricing structure you need before creating a price field. There are 4 types available:

  1. Fixed: Users will have to pay a fixed price during sign up
  2. Multi Select: Users will have a choice of multiple items (with individual prices) and the total price will be cumulative for all items.
  3. DropDown: Users can pick one of the multiple priced items with individual prices.
  4. User Defined: Users can fill their own amount they wish to pay.

Let us, for sake of demonstration, create a DropDown field for selling our Guitar Tutoring classes. We will offer two choices to potential sign ups – 1) Jazz and 2) Classical

Click on the DropDown type and you will see this:

First option is “Label”. It describes the type of sellable we are creating. Remember, this is not displayed on the form. We shall name it “Guitar Lessons”. Next step is Price; here we will set the prices for the two lessons we are selling. Of course, you can create more than two (or even hundreds) of priced items.

Each priced item has two fields: “Label” and “Price”.

  • “Label” is the name of the item that will be displayed on the front end form.
  • “Price” is the associated value of that item.

We will use “Jazz” as a label here and set its price to 99 USD. To add another priced item, we can click on the text box below with “Click to add more” written over it. This will add another priced item, below the one we just created. Each time you want to add an item, click on this box. Moving on, we label the new item as “Classical” with price of 120USD. Now save. It will take you to overview of “Price” fields and results will appear something like this:

This completes our first step. Next, we want to show this “Price” field inside the Sign Up form we have already created. Go back to “Registrations” tab on the left and click “Fields” under the form card.

This will take you to the “Fields Manager” for your form.

Now we will add a new field inside this form. It is inside the “Special Fields” section.

Think of it as container for your “Price Field”. Clicking on it will open field creation window with new set of options.

The “Label” here will be the text users see on the form in front of the DropDown. We’ll name it as “Select Lesson”. In the “Price Field” drop down, select “Guitar Lessons”. Mark the field as required if you do not want users to register without payment. Hit “SAVE”.

Let’s see how our form looks like now on the front end. If you do not know how to publish forms, please check our knowledgebase.

Voila! Your WordPress registration plugin is now ready to accept registration form payment from  sign ups.


  1. Joseph D

    The paypal check out is making me log into my paypal account. Can registrars pay via PayPal if they don’t have a paypal account?

    1. RegistrationMagic

      Yes, the users can pay using their card details without having to create a PayPal account.

  2. jovy g. buagas

    how to get a paypal account to sent a money to the other country

    1. rmagic

      Please contact PayPal on their website; they should be able to help.

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