How to Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar?

How to Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar and its use

Every theme we come across on the internet includes a main content and sidebar. A sidebar is in fact used to store small important specks and data. It displays content at the edges or sides of a webpage. The general idea of sidebar being a vertical column on the side is not always true. It can lie on both the sides of the actual content and even just above the footer section. Let’s learn the easy way to add login form to WordPress sidebar.

To summarize, the image below depicts exactly where sidebars are placed on a webpage.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar sidebar placement

Most WordPress themes are widget ready since they accommodate multiple sidebars. Login pages and registration forms are also embedded in a sidebar. Also, adding the login form to WordPress sidebar helps the user access login page from his website itself. Users don’t essentially need to have a WordPress account.

On the other hand, you can download free registration forms from RegistrationMagic’s form template portal.

Configuring the sidebar

In this article, our focus is to add a login form to WordPress sidebar. The only thing we need to focus on here is creating a widget and assigning it to the sidebar. Widgets, usually are small informative content embedded in the sidebar.

From your RegistrationMagic plugin navigate to all forms. Copy the shortcode hovering on the login form for later use. This is the first form in the queue.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar form

Click on “Widgets” queued under the “Appearance” section on your WordPress dashboard. In fact, this is the section allowing you to add widgets to the sidebar.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar widgets

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar

Scroll down to drag the “Text” widget and drop it on the Blog Sidebar. Assign title “Login”. Paste the shortcode copied from the login form in the body section. Click Save.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar configure

Scroll down once again doing the same with the “RegistrationMagic Login” widget. Adding this widget to the sidebar especially benefits those who are not WordPress users. They can indeed log in from the sidebar by generating an OTP.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar options

Drop the widget on the Blog Sidebar. Save the configuration and click “Done”. On the whole, this is how you add a login form to WordPress sidebar.

Click “Visit Site” from the Home section of your WordPress dashboard. The Login Form embeds itself to the sidebar of your website. This section prompts you to enter the necessary credentials used to login to your page.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar credentials

To enumerate, shared below is a screenshot displaying the login form embedded in the sidebar of your page.

Add Login Form to WordPress sidebar result

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