Super-intelligent WooCommerce Contact Form 

Automate the manual steps and make customer engagements better, easier, faster!

Get customer 'purchase history' & 'lifetime spend'  in your contact form email, automatically.
No need to spend time figuring out what customer purchased.
 Get full 360 view of customer registration and contact history, automatically.
Know which customers are contacting you more frequently.
 Make customer journey seamless and easy.
If customers are logged in, their information will fill in automatically in the contact form.
  Provide consistent brand experience to customers.
The design of contact form will automatically match with the installed theme. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RegistrationMagic?

RegistrationMagic is the #1 user registration plugin for WordPress, with powerful building, configuring, publishing, managing, analyzing and automation toolkit. We are front-runner in bringing breakthroughs and innovation to WooCommerce contact forms with our customer-centric approach and automation tools. 

How can I automate manual steps?

For WooCommerce site owners, it’s a constant challenge to spend hours verifying customer purchase data from WooCommerce while answering customer enquiries.

Every time the customer contacts, you have to manually check customer WooCommerce data in order to verify the enquiry details.

The main problem is that email or support systems and WooCommerce are not integrated, which create inefficiencies in hours spend doing manual task of verifying customer information. This also negatively impact turnaround time to your customers

As the sales grow, the inefficiency problem gets worse over time.

Our ‘intelligent’ and ‘customer centric’ contact form will make your life easier, by eliminating the manual steps and saving your valuable time. RegistrationMagic will automatically gather necessary customer information (i.e WooCommerce purchase history, contact history, with links to more information) and send it over to you, along with customer enquiry. With access to meaningful information right on your email or support portal, you can server your customer better, easier and faster!

How do I access the Premium version after purchasing?

After successfully purchasing Premium version license, you will be taken to a page with download link. You can download the plugin as normal WordPress installable zip file. In future, you will be able to download the latest version by logging into Purchase History section of the site, as long as you have an active subscription.

Is this a one-time purchase?

RegistrationMagic Premium license is a one-time purchase, effectively meaning you can use the plugin as long as you want after purchasing it. Premium version comes with 1 year subscription to updates and support for a single site, Premium+ comes with lifetime updates and support for unlimited number of sites! If you purchase Premium and wish to receive updates and support after 1 year from your purchase, you will have to renew subscription. 

How can I get support for Premium and Premium+?

RegistrationMagic Premium and Premium+ come with top class support. As Premium/ Premium+ customer you will have access to our Helpdesk with our team of support staff behind it, eager to help you fix any RegistrationMagic relates issues and provide answers to your questions. To submit a new ticket, fill out this form.

Why should I purchase Premium+?

RegistrationMagic Premium+ not only comes with license for unlimited sites, but it also has lifetime updates support. RegistrationMagic is updated regularly with major releases frequently with new features and security patches. Upgrades are one of the things that makes RegistrationMagic so great. If you do not wish to miss out on that, Premium+ is the version for you.

Ready to add intelligence to your contact form?


License: 1 Site

1 Year of Updates and Support


License: Unlimited Sites

Lifetime of Updates and Support