RegistrationMagic Landing Page

for RegistrationMagic Free and Premium
Give your RegistrationMagic forms a complete makeover! Display them in all their glory with additional registration headlines, pitch and background and featured image, and much more...

RegistrationMagic Landing Page solves two problems that many of our users face - Firstly, an ability to quickly create a working splash page/ landing page on their site with a permalink and embedded form without worrying about the technicalities. Secondly, displaying registration form in a consistent design environment where it fits in overall scheme of the page presenting a pleasant experience to the visitor.

The RegistrationMagic Landing Page works like a separate plugin where you can create different landing pages assigned to different URLs. What's more, using RegistrationMagic's Form Analytics you can generate meaningful data about how your pages are converting. To elucidate it further, here are some quick differences between rendering a form with shortcode versus displaying it using the landing page.

Complete view built around the form.
Form design is consistent with page theme.
Beautiful and attractive design. No coding needed.
Create custom pages just like you would with default Page Manager.
Test different pages with different pitch. Analyze their stats through Analytics.

Ready to extend power of your forms?

RegistrationMagic Landing Page works with both the Free and Premium version of RegistrationMagic. For pre-sale questions and support, please fill out this form.