Standard Features

Forms Manager
Forms manager is the default landing page of RegistrationMagic and the core around which the plugin is built. It shows all registration forms in card views with at a glance information.
Latest Submissions Dashboard Widget
A list of latest submissions is displayed inside dashboard area of WordPress. Helpful for a quick overview of the form submissions.
Show Submission inside WP User Profiles
Connects submission data to user profiles inside dashboard. You can now view submissions from individual users under their profile fields in table format.
Capture IP and Browser Data
Now you can capture more information about the user apart from form fields. This metadata is helpful for finding location and security purposes.
Form Auto Expiry

Set a condition form the form to auto publish after specific no of registrations or date. You can define the message that is displayed instead of the form after expiry.

Basic Security

Basic Form Security that adds Google’s reRECAPTCHA and limits submissions from a single IP to protect your site from spam.

Multi Admin Notifications

You can now define multiple email addresses which will receive notifications for new form submissions.

SMTP Integration

Send email notifications to your site users, using a business or personal account. Increases reliability and allows you to add authentication to outgoing mails from your site.

Facebook Login

Integrate your site with the most popular social network. Chances are, your registering users already have a Facebook account. Give them an easy way to access your site.

MailChimp Basic

It is very easy now to push data of registering users to your MailChimp account. Map essential fields with MailChimp fields and you are all set!

PayPal Integration

Accept payments to your PayPal account from registering users. You can define the preferred currency and custom checkout page inside your PayPal account.

Custom Success Message

Show your users a customized message after they have successfully submitted the form. You can use rich text editor for visually appealing messages.

Custom Auto Responder with Mail Merge

Create an autoresponder message fully customizable with mail merge fields, for that personal touch. You can also inset multimedia.

Custom Fields

A full array of custom fields types to choose from and insert in your form to capture any type of information during submission. You can mark them mandatory, define length, show them on user page etc.

Profile Fields Basic

Insert WordPress user profile fields into registration forms, so that the field values are saved directly into user profiles after successful submission.

Submission Manager

A complete system to manage submissions received from your web forms. Individual submissions display all data in a single place with ability to export and print.

Submission Filters

Filter the list of submissions based on date and field based keyword searches.

Download as PDF

Download individual submission as a PDF file for emailing, archiving, printing etc.

Form Analytics

Analyze form data including date, time user spent on filling the form, conversion rate, browser used etc.

Field Analytics

Visual data from option based fields like checkbox, radiobox and drop down as pie charts. Great for understanding how users are selecting options during form filling.

User Role Manager

Create custom user roles with permission levels based on default WordPress roles. These can be bounded to a form for role based registrations.

User Manager

A full fledged user management system that fills the holes in default User manager in dashboard. Allows you to check user data, filter users and deactivate them.

Email Users
Now you can easily message all the users who have filled a specific form. Great for sending specific notifications and broadcasting announcements.