WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce Overview

The WooCommerce extension integrates the capabilities of RegistrationMagic with WooCommerce, providing customers with the ultimate shopping experience. To access the extension, navigate to WooCommerce integration in the Global Settings. Choose the default registration form from the dropdown, appearing on the default WooCommerce registration page. Enabling "Show Cart with MagicPopup" facilitates quick access from the MagicPopup menu. Role assignments can be enabled to assign custom-defined roles within the form dashboard. Users can also opt to display the RegistrationMagic account link on the WooCommerce account page by enabling the "Enable RegistrationMagic Account Link" option.



  • Integrate RegistrationMagic with the WooCommerce plugin to get the best shopping experience for your customers.
  • Access the extension from the Global Settings.
  • Quick access to the cart through the "Show Cart with MagicPopup" option.
  • Custom-defined role assignments within the form dashboard.
  • Display the RegistrationMagic account link on the WooCommerce account page.