WePay Extension

WePay Overview

The WePay extension enables you to receive payments through your forms using the popular WePay gateway. Navigate to the Payments section in Global Settings to customize the WePay payment gateway. You can designate WePay as the default gateway for your form submissions. Use the extension in test mode for troubleshooting the payment system. Enter the WePay client ID, client secret, access token, and account ID to activate the payment gateway. Utilize the payment gateway for both form submissions and product payments.



  • Enable WePay to effortlessly receive payments through your forms.
  • Tailor the WePay payment gateway to meet your specific requirements in the Payments section.
  • Designate WePay as the default gateway for streamlined form submissions.
  • Test and troubleshoot the payment system using the extension's convenient test mode.
  • Enter your required personal details to enable the payment gateway.