Visual Form Editor Extension

Visual Form Editor Overview

The visual form editor extension empowers users to directly modify the forms' design. Access the "Fields" option within each form under "Forms." This opens an editable design form where you can select the "Design" option. Modify field labels, adjust label, text, placeholder, focus, and border colors, and incorporate personalized background images. Edit forms' design while observing real-time changes. 



  • The design is easily customizable.
  • See the content while you are editing the design.
  • Edit four field labels and submit it to see the change.
  • Form, field, and submit button - all three can be designed distinctly.
  • Edit the following properties - Padding, Section text style, Color of specific elements, etc.
  • Add background image to form and field labels.
  • Unique image repeat attribute to customized background image to forms.