Unique Values Extension

Unique Values Overview

The unique values extension exclusively permits unique values for your form fields, ensuring that no two users can submit the same value for fields marked as special. To activate this extension, access the field settings of any form. When configuring a new field, the settings page will open. Within the advanced settings, there is a checkbox labeled "Accept Only Unique Values," which enforces unique submissions. Any subsequent attempts to submit duplicate values will trigger a message to the user.



  • Choose any form’s field settings to make the field values unique.
  • The option to enable this extension is available in the advanced settings of the field settings.
  • Enabling the option “Accept Only Unique Values” marks the field as unique.
  • Further, it doesn’t allow any two users to submit the same value for that field.
  • If any attempt is made to make non-unique content in the unique-marked field, a message appears.