Token System Extension

Token System Overview

The token system extension generates a distinct token for users upon form submission. This token is also linked to the form submission in the dashboard section. To set it up, access the dashboard of the desired form. To access this extension go to post submissions in configure. Both the site administrator and the user who submitted the form can view the Unique Token Number on the submission records. Additionally, if auto-reply is active, the unique token number / unique ID will be included in the email sent to the user. It's recommended to enable this option for forms where you intend to send a unique registration number to users after form submission. This is essential to ensure distinct and identifiable registration numbers.



  • Easy-to-apply feature from the form submissions settings.
  • Assign a unique token number/unique ID to each form submission.
  • The token is sent to the user in the email if auto-reply is active.
  • The token number is visible in the submission records.
  • The token is automatically linked to the form submission in the dashboard section.