Social Login Extension

Social Login Overview

The Social Login extension enables users to log into your site using popular social networks like Google, Twitter, Microsoft, and Instagram, in addition to the existing Facebook login. To access the extension, navigate to the login dashboard from All Forms. The "Integrate" section on this page focuses on all social integrations. Users can choose any option, fill in the required details, and log in to your site. For example, to log in using Instagram, open the Instagram option, enable "Allow Users to Login using Instagram," and provide the Instagram Client ID and Instagram App/Client Secret. Customize other social integrations similarly.



  • Now login to your WordPress website easily using popular social networks.
  • Access the integration extension from the login dashboard in all forms.
  • Currently, we support - Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Enabling a particular social login shows its corresponding button on the login form.
  • Fill in the required fields to enable any social login smoothly.