Role Based Forms Extension

Role Based Forms Overview

The role-based forms extension establishes a connection between user roles and forms, ensuring that users registering through the form are automatically assigned the associated role. To access the customization settings, navigate to the Accounts section within the chosen form's Dashboard. By selecting the first option, users will be registered in the WP users area, allowing the admin to designate the WordPress user role. Alternatively, users can select a role from a list of pre-approved choices. This option introduces a new radio field within the form. By activating "Force login after registration," users will be logged in automatically on the next page refresh after successful account creation. You may set up auto-redirect after submission.  Moreover, activating "Email as username" conceals the username field, utilizing the email as the username.



  • Customize and assign role-based forms with ease.
  • Effortlessly include users in the WP Users area.
  • Administrators can directly assign users to roles based on forms.
  • Users can conveniently choose roles from pre-approved options.
  • Enabling "Force login after registration" streamlines the process and refreshes the current page.
  • Using "Email as username" hides the username field and directly assigns the email as the username.