ProfileGrid Integration Extension

ProfileGrid Integration Overview

When integrated with RegistrationMagic, ProfileGrid functions as a dedicated extension, enhancing the WordPress User Profiles functionality. To activate this, access the RegistrationMagic settings and navigate to ProfileGrid. To configure the settings, install the ProfileGrid plugin on your WordPress dashboard. In the global settings, head to RegistrationMagic integration to establish the page.



  • Efficiently display the registrations tab, payments tab, and more by utilizing RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid Integration.
  • Users can customize the tab title according to their preferences.
  • The integration enhances RegistrationMagic's capabilities for WordPress user profiles.
  • Upon installing ProfileGrid, its user profile pages assume control, seamlessly incorporating RegistrationMagic's user area within the private section of ProfileGrid's elegantly designed user profile pages.
  • ProfileGrid offers several user networking features, including a Friends System, In-Profile Notifications, Private Messaging, and more. These features are automatically accessible upon installing ProfileGrid.
  • Further, this integration allows to use novel group-based user registration system present in ProfileGrid.