Paid User Roles Extension

Paid User Roles Overview

The paid user roles extension introduces charges to user roles, visible as payments on forms linked to that role. To access this extension, navigate to "User Roles" in the left menu. From there, users can personalize new roles. Include a "Role Key," which will be the database-stored key value for the role. The "Role Name" will be visible both on the front end and in the dashboard. Users can inherit permissions from another role using the "Inherit Permissions" options. If the sign-up charge feature is activated, the charge will be added to the form, and users will be redirected to the payment page when this role is assigned to the form and a user fills out the details in it.



  • The extension allows adding charges to user roles.
  • It appears as a payment bound to the form that uses the user role.
  • Provides an option to set a unique role key, which will be added to the database.
  • A new role can inherit permissions from other user roles using “Inherit Permissions”.
  • If sign-in charges are enabled, the user will be charged for signing up for this role.
  • The user is redirected to the payment page when the role is assigned upon form submission.