Manual Approvals Extension

Manual Approvals Overview

The admin can manually approve users using the manual approval extension. By default, the system automatically activates users. However, the admin can modify this default action in the settings. After a new user registers, the admin must approve their activation. Additionally, the admin can opt to send a verification email. Customization of the verification email options, including the expiration link notice, account activation notice, login error message, and more, is straightforward within the settings.



  • The manual approval system enables advanced user activation and deactivation.
  • The system facilitates sending verification emails for two-step verification.
  • Users can customize the notice for account activation or invalid activation.
  • Users can define a time limit, in hours, for the effectiveness of the account verification email.
  • An option exists to temporarily activate an account until full verification is completed.
  • Furthermore, users can choose to send an email containing their selected username and password upon successful registration.