MailPoet Extension

MailPoet Overview

The MailPoet extension enables registering you to subscribe directly to your MailPoet lists through registration forms. To use this extension, you should install the MailPoet plugin on your website. Access the extension by going to the form dashboard and opening MailPoet integration. "Send to MailPoet Form" establishes a connection with a MailPoet form (list), and users can choose the form from the dropdown menu. It displays a checkbox to opt-in for a subscription, and that helps to customize the opt-in checkbox text and default text from the options.



  • Allows you to subscribe to your MailPoet lists directly through registration forms, without manual intervention.
  • Seamless integration of the RegistrationMagic plugin with MailPoet through a simple extension, making it easy to use and access.
  • Customize the opt-in checkbox text and default options.
  • Choose forms from the dropdown, empowering you to manage multiple forms and subscriptions with ease.