Login IP Ban Extension

Login IP Ban Overview

The login IP ban extension restricts visitor IPs according to login behavior. You can access this extension through the login dashboard's Validation and Security section. The final segment pertains to blocking IPs after failed attempts. Users can customize the ban as temporary or permanent. They can define the number of attempts leading to an IP ban, set the time period for consecutive failures, and specify the type of ban. Additionally, users can define the error message sent to the user and opt to alert the admin.



  • Helps block spam on the website.
  • Stop brute force type of attacks automatically.
  • Easily choose the type of ban from the dropdown.
  • Define the error message appearing on user end after their IP is blocked.
  • Customize the number of attempts and the time period after which a particular user’s IP is blocked.
  • Choose to notify the admin with a notification message when an IP ban is initiated.