Invoices and Payments Extension

Invoices and Payments Overview

The Invoices and Payments extension enhances form payment management with custom invoicing support. Access the extension via the left menu's Payments section, where all form payments are available. Filter payments by time, status, and match fields. A legend at the page's end distinguishes between Pending, Completed, Refunded, and Cancelled Payments. Customize invoice settings by enabling invoices, entering logo and company details, and adjusting margins and font. Enable user invoices for a comprehensive payment management experience.



  • Tailor invoices with your company logo, name, address, contact number, email ID, and VAT number.
  • Quickly filter payments by time, status, and matching fields for streamlined payment management.
  • Easily distinguish between Pending, Completed, Refunded, and Cancelled Payments with a comprehensive legend.
  • Set the logo and text for invoice PDFs, adjusting margins and font to meet your preferences.
  • Access all form payments conveniently through the left menu's Payments section for efficient navigation.