Intelligent Contact Form Extension

Intelligent Contact Form Overview

The intelligent contact form extension enhances submission notifications by introducing message shortcodes that dynamically retrieve user information from their site history, providing deeper user insights along with the submitted content. To access this extension, navigate to Email Templates within the form Dashboard. These special shortcodes enable the creation of text-rich, personalized messages that value the user-submitted information in the form. The available shortcodes include:

  • {{SUBMISSION_HISTORY}}: Attaches RegistrationMagic past form submissions.
  • {{RM_USERDATA}}: Attaches RegistrationMagic user data.
  • {{RM_EDD_DETAILS}}: Attaches Easy Digital Downloads customer data and history.
  • {{RM_WOO_DETAILS}}: Attaches WooCommerce customer data and history.



  • Use rich text and values the user submitted in the form for a more personalized message.
  • Attach user history for more informative notifications.
  • Specialized shortcodes for personalized information to be sent in emails.
  • Easily navigate the extension from the email templates in the form Dashboard.