Global Overrides Extension

Global Overrides Overview

The global overrides extension permits users to modify form settings on an individual form basis. To access this feature for a specific form, navigate to the form dashboard and select "Global Override." Enabling "Send Notification To" triggers an email notification for every submission to the recipients of this form. Recipients can also be manually specified. "Show Form Limits above the Form?" displays the form filling status above the form when limits are activated. Auto approval setting offers the choice to customize user account activation post-submission. Additionally, it allows users to limit the number of times a form can be submitted from a single device within a day.



  • Want to override global settings for each form? Customize each form individually with global overrides extension.
  • Add people with ease who you want to receive notifications for form submissions.
  • Shows form filling status above the form by turning on the limits.
  • Control registration user account auto-approval for each form.
  • Show or hide reCAPTCHA above the form submit button.
  • To prevent spamming, users can limit how many times a form can be submitted from a device within a day.