Export/Import Extension

Export/Import Overview

The Export/Import extension allows users to download reports by choosing to export either all or specific forms. Exported files are downloaded in XML format and can be imported by other RegistrationMagic users. The forms remain unchanged and can be directly customized to suit the user's requirements. 

Note - If you are importing a payment form within same RegistrationMagic installation from which it was exported, products will be recreated. In such scenarios, it is advisable to duplicate the form instead of importing.



  • The Export (All) button allows exporting all current forms in an XML file.
  • The users can select particular forms to export too.
  • The forms are downloaded in a rmagic XML file, which is easy to download and parse.
  • This method provides an easy backup feature.
  • It allows smooth and hassle-free site transitions.
  • Additionally, helps in effortless new installations.
  • The other user can import rmagic.xml to import all the previously contained data.
  • The imported forms are easily customizable by the users, according to the specific needs.