EventPrime Integration Extension

EventPrime Integration Overview

The EventPrime integration augments RegistrationMagic's event registration form by adding features like event calendars, tickets, and attendee management. Within the EventPrime plugin settings, navigate to forms and select Registration Forms. In the registration form settings, users can opt to "Register From" RegistrationMagic. All forms created in the RegistrationMagic plugin are now accessible for user selection. Users can then choose the suitable RegistrationMagic form.



  • Enhance EventPrime's registration form settings seamlessly with the integration of the RegistrationMagic plugin.
  • Activate RegistrationMagic forms effortlessly through the form settings.
  • Access a variety of registration forms automatically from RegistrationMagic for selection.
  • To activate reCAPTCHA, navigate to Settings > General > Third-party.
  • When reCAPTCHA is enabled, users must verify it before submitting the form.