Customizable Popup Extension

Customizable Popup Overview

The MagicPopup extension offers a customizable navigation menu with the ability to include custom links. Access this extension through the Magic Popup Button in Global Settings. Upon scrolling down, you'll encounter the custom links section. Here, you can add a custom link of your preference to the MagicPopup Menu. Link types are divided into two categories: Pages and URLs. For pages, you can select the specific page you wish to navigate to. With URLs, you can input the desired URL for the link. Both types allow you to determine visibility settings. Additionally, you can provide a personalized label for your URL link.



  • Use MagicPopup as a navigation menu with the option to add custom links.
  • Option to create up to three customizable links.
  • Specify the link types from Pages or URLs.
  • Choose from the options given which page to navigate to.
  • Specify any particular URL you want to use as your customizable link.
  • Customize the label of the URL.
  • Choose visibility for different users from the options given.