Custom Status Extension

Custom Status Overview

The custom status extension introduces premium features, enabling users to create, customize, and implement custom statuses (along with associated actions) for submissions, aligning with their registration approval process. This feature is accessible through the left menu of the RegistrationMagic plugin. While a few default custom registration statuses are available, users can also view and edit existing ones using the "View" option or create new custom statuses with the "New Status" option. The label properties of custom statuses remain the same as in the standard plugin, but in the premium version, users gain access to additional associated actions. With the "Edit Other Statuses" option, users can interact with other custom statuses, including doing nothing, clearing all other statuses, or clearing specific ones selected from the menu. Furthermore, there are options to send emails to users or admins when applying for a particular custom status, interact with user accounts, attach an Admin Note to form submissions and block or restore user access to the form based on IP/Email Addresses when applying for a Custom Status.



  • All the features available in standard and many more exciting associated actions with custom statues.
  • Send a customized email to the user/admin on applying a custom status.
  • Easily interact with other custom statuses by clearing all statuses or filtering out selected statuses.
  • Perform automated user actions like creating, activating, etc. on applying a custom status.
  • Attach a personalized Admin Note to form submission on applying this Custom Status.
  • Block or restore access to the user for the form on applying a custom status based on IP/Email address.