Conditional Fields Extension

Conditional Fields Overview

The conditional field extension enables users to incorporate conditional logic into their form fields, governing their visibility based on other field values. To utilize this extension, navigate to the form fields section. Here, when adding a field from the "Add Field" menu, various field types like text and email can be equipped with conditions. To configure these conditions, select the first option in the field to access the menu page. Here, users can define actions, such as Show Field, Hide Field, or Disable Field, associated with specific conditions applied to the field. Conditions can be linked to other fields, and users can employ both OR and AND conditions as needed.



  • Easily add conditional logic to your form fields.
  • Control the appearance of fields based on other form fields.
  • Personalize actions of showing, hiding, or disabling a particular field depending on the conditions.
  • Add multiple conditions to a field based on values.
  • Customize OR and AND conditions to the fields.